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Auther : Dr. Muhammad Rabie


The author confines his study to a projection of the numbers of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and hospital beds needed by Kuwait in the year 2000. He also attempts to forecast futuristic needs in the light of present plans and programs. His data is provided by figures published by the Kuwaiti Planning Board.

In the year 2000, the population of Kuwait is estimated to reach million people. This means that 4053 doctors would be needed to obtain the ratio of one doctor per 480 persons, or five times the number of doctors now available.

At present Kuwait imports 83% of her doctors from the Arab Countries and 6% from other states. In order to alleviate this shortage, a College of Medicine is under establishment and will be operational in 1976.

It is estimated that there would be a total of 670 graduates from the Kuwait University Medical School by the year 2000, along with 1250 Kuwaiti doctors graduating from Arab and foreign universities. Thus, the need for foreign doctors would be just as much then as it is now.

A similar conclusion is reached concerning medical technicians and nurses. It is projected that by the year 2000, Kuwait would need 22,515 medical technicians, 9006 nurses and 22,886 hospital beds. Present plans and programs will in no way be sufficient to provide this number of services and thus, again, the need for foreigners.

In conclusion, the author offers the following proposals with respect to Kuwait’s futuristic medical needs and demands:

    1. The creation of conducive conditions to counter the Brain-Drain of Arab doctors. This is particularly so in the medical services, since it is estimated that there are 5000 – 7000 doctors presently practicing in the West.
    2. The continuous and systematic support of present and planned medical institutions in Kuwait and Arab World.
    3. The amelioration of the social, academic research and material conditions of the present medical staff available in Kuwait.

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