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Auther : Muhammad Nasir Al-San’usi


The author assumed, in a lecture delivered in Kuwait in the spring of 1975, that the mass media is an instrument of development, particularly in the Third World, and should be regarded as such when analyzed and discussed by scholars and officials. He then propose three goals which the Media can help to serve, particularly in the Gulf:

    1. Consolidation of the moral values and social traditions which bind the social fabric of society while at the same time introduce modernity and development without tarring apart the fundamental basis of society;
    2. Contribution to the educational process and the development of human resources, particularly those of the youth;
    3. Support to the development plans which are laying the foundations and corner-stone of the future society of a new nation.

Following these general assumptions about the goals and purposes of the mass media, Mr. Al-San’usi goes on to discuss in detail the contributions of the various organs of the media to the development of Gulf society in general and that of Kuwait in particular.

He paid particular attention to journalism in Kuwait, which he contends has taken the initiative and has become a prime example to follow by other Gulf papers. The newspapers and periodicals have also played a leading role in the growth and safeguarding of democracy in Kuwait, as well as enriching the intellectual and cultural life of the area.

The theatre also received special attention from the author. He argued that, despite its shortcomings, it has been able to reflect and criticize the raid social change taking place as well as the generational gap existing in Gulf society today.

Finally, the author dealt with his major field of specialization – TV and Radio, and presented expose of their contributions to the developmental process. He also presented a summary of their achievements and pointed the regional and international awards presented to the Kuwait TV and Radio stations in the past few years.

Journal of Law
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