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Auther : By: Dr. Ali Tarrah


After the liberation of Kuwait and the great efforts exerted for reconstruction and revamping, it is the duty of the Kuwaiti expertise to study objectively the impact, consequences, dimensions and results of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait for the sake of observing this predicament with all its catastrophies.

On the one hand, comprehending this predicament with all its currents and causes, will contribute to evade the defects and possibilities that encouraged Saddam Hussain to carry out his draconian crime. On the other hand, setting up an integrated strategy to protect Kuwait national security will never be achieved without absorbing this experiment.

Let’s consider the following questions:

  • Have the reasons that motivated Saddam Hussein’s regime to invade Kuwait, occupy it, destroy its infrastructure and annex it to Iraq been wiped out?
  • Have these reasons been related to the whole Arab political regime? Or have these reasons been related to the Iraqi regime internal structure with its social, economic and political crisis?
  • How have the military and political international variables contributed to facilitate this barbarian invasion?
  • Have the historic conditions which invasion took place been unique ones?
  • Won’t that invasion be recovered?
  • Could the international slackness that is relatively dominant now, encourage the tyrant regime in Baghdad to recover its endeavors to threaten Kuwait security anew?
  • Could Kuwait make use of the international solidarity and develop it to guarantee its security?

This study demonstrates answers to the aforementioned questions through a historical and political view considering national and international variables. The answers also consider two points:

  • The historic neighbourhood between Kuwait and Iraq.
  • Kuwait understands very well that it can’t obliterate Iraq of the world map because of Saddam’s regime.

Saddam’s regime is not immoral. Therefore, we have to put in other questions:

  • Does the fall of Saddam Hussein gave the way to a new regime that will adopt reconstructing and securing the bilateral relations two countries and the two peoples?
  • Could this wish be achieved? And how? What are the conditions? What are the perspectives?

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