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Auther : By: Dr. Bashir S. Al Reshidi


War endangers man mostly, endangers his life and cause shortage in supplies or rise in prices or destroy the material structure. They endanger and destroy all beautiful values and customs, they characterize the society. The society in the state of war losses the ability to control event, environment or even control behaviour. Some researchers divide the disorders accompanying wars into three kinds:

  1. Tension among people during and after military actions. It reaches its maximum limit with prisoners of war and military. Tension when qualifying the physically or psychologically handicapped of war. Tension when a family tries to adopt itself when one of its members is injured, lost or captured in war.
  2. Tension among civilians during war, it includes attempts to adopt with war neurotics when expecting missile or mortar bombing or losing one of the relatives or loved ones.
  3. Tension growing up in a society during a state of war. It include the effects of war and terroristic events that result in exposing children and young people to violent measures of the aggressing forces when occupying part of the land.

This study aims at identifying the social and psychological map for the Kuwaiti people before and after the Iraqi aggression, on peaceful people who always gave a hand of assistance, grant, brotherhood and faithfulness, but were faced with disloyalty and unfaithfulness. The study is based on reliable data of researchers and studies on the social and psychological effects of the Iraqi aggression.

It depends also on the international literaries in the field of studying post war disorders. The study eventually moved to answer some of the questions related to the characteristics and advantages that have shaped the social and psychological map for the Kuwaiti society before the Iraqi aggression which tried to destroy the Kuwaiti man, his identity, civilization and culture. The study concentrated on four main dimensions of the proposed psychological map:

Cognitive Dimension.

  • Emotional Dimension.
  • Social Dimension.
  • Materialistic and Economic Structure.

As for the challenges that have affected the social and psychological map of the Kuwaiti people and the effects of the Iraqi aggression, the study dealt with the following:

  • inability
  • severe laceration for individuals.
  • the case of extreme inconvenience.

This study then discusses the effects of the Iraqi aggression: first, the social then the psychological. Within these two perspectives, many studies on the Kuwaiti society have been reviewed. The study also proposed a therapeutic plan to get rid of these negative effects.

Journal of Law
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