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Auther : By: Dr. A.K. Nassef


          This study is one of six other studies concerned with surveying, analyzing and evaluating the role of administrative reform agencies and institutes in the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).  The significance of these studies arises from their contribution to filling the gap in the literature of comparative development administration, as an essential step for enhancing and accelerating thought and research in Comparative Arab Public Administration.

          Concerned with the only current federal experiment in the Arab World, the study aims to throw light on the following topics:

 1.     Challenges of development in the U.A.E.

 2.     The Administrative system in the U.A.E.

 3.     Problems facing the administrative system in the U.A.E. and the efforts made to solve these problems.

 4.     Agencies of administrative development and development administration in the U.A.E. and their contribution to reform and develop the performance of the administrative machinery with respect to the country’s goals.

 The methodology adopted in this study is a combination of descriptive survey and analytical research.  A great deal of its information is based on field visits and interviews with informed persons in and out of public administration during January-February 1988 and on official documents dealing with development administration in the U.A.E.

 Among the many conclusions reached by the study are the following:

 -         Because the development objectives and policies in U.A.E. are not clearly defined, it is difficult to design the governmental functions or operations.

 -         The unbalanced development in the U.A.E. requires a review of the role of each emirate in national development.

 -         Most of the problems facing or hindering the administrative system in the U.A.E. are due to the speed of arrangements for establishing the new federal state in the early seventies.  However, these problems are not beyond control.

 -         The agencies of administrative development were not up to the expectations and aspirations of development, in respect of their goals, organization, functions and resources.

 The Study concludes with some basic recommendations for reviewing the planning strategies that have been followed with a view to the formulation of an integrated, comprehensive and operational plan for administrative development.


Journal of Law
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