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Auther : By: Dr. K. Ramadan

               This study aims at investigating and analyzing child journalism in Kuwait at present.

           The study has two parts.  The theoretical part defines childhood journalism, it also emphasizes the importance of journalism in child education and lists the effective elements for influential journalism.  Finally, it presents a historical background of journalism in the Arab world.

           The second part of this study is actually a field study, which enlists all magazines issued in Kuwait where a cluster sample is randomly selected.  These chosen magazines are studied, analyzed and standardized according to a given criterion (scale) designed for this purpose.  This scale describes the presentation of each magazine, analyzing its contents, sets its goals and the style of content presentation and the language used.

        The main goals of this study is to find answers to the following points:

1.     The availability of child magazines in the Arab World.

2.     The availability of directed child magazines in Kuwait.

3.     The complying of these Kuwaiti magazines with the standards of good journalism in terms of presentation and content.

 The findings of this study are:

1.     There are four (4) children magazines in Kuwait, one is separately issued, while three are part of monthly adults magazines.

2.     None of these magazines indicates the child’s age.

3.     All these magazines are for the able-to-read child, except “Open Sesame”, which is out of production at present.

4.     There are no obvious or written goals for most magazines in Kuwait.

5.     All these magazines use an Arabic dialect, which is not suitable to all ages, i.e. the readability of the magazine is low due to the absence of child age specification. 

6.     The magazines reinforce the moral and religious values of the society.

7.     Most magazines’ editors’ use the story-telling approach in presenting the material published.

8.     Most of the published material lacks humour and happy incidents. 

 Finally, a group of comments are given to help in directing children journalism in Kuwait to better standards.

Journal of Law
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