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Auther : Dr. Abdul Al Gani Saudi


         The study deals with three main objects concerning the Gulf Cooperation Council: constituents, achievements and problems.

         Geographically Gulf States are connected, as constant land lies on the Gulf.  The populations are unified in their origin and in general, most of the leaders are cousins.

         The GCC States characterized by the scarcity of the population which undoubtedly affected the production, i.e. the volume of the marketplace, the nature of economic development, the shortage of trained and efficient manpower.

         As a result, it lead to the outflow of immigrants who were estimated in 1985 at four million and their positive and negative effects.

        Regarding the oil sector, the researcher manifests the oil production and reserve.  He pointed out that local oil consumption do not exceed 10 per cent of Gulf States oil production which lead to a multi oil surplus for exporting.

        The exposure of Gulf States economy because of its entire dependence on sole commodity.  This commodity, i.e. oil dwarfs the other economic activities and controls the states’ budgets and the government expenditures.

        Therefore, attempts were made to diversity the income resources since the Gulf States do not set the oil prices by applying them.

         The study manifests the political and security constituents and the danger surrounding the Gulf States starting with Iran and ending in Iraq, and the inability of the Gulf States alone to protect its security.

         The second part of the study tried to survey the non-economical achievements of GCC, which was indicated in the adoption of an effective role to stop the Iraq-Iran war and to present itself from drifting in the war.

         The study manifests the economic achievements such as realizing the economic citizenship, which means the equality to procure loans or to own a real estate for settlement, to be a shareholder and to practice, gradually, all economic activities.  The study surveyed other economic spheres, such as attempts to unify the policies and studies to unify the exchange rates, monetary policies and the implementation of public budgets.

         Lastly the study explains the obstacles and problems that stand in the way of the Council’s Charter, the unified economic treaty and the nature of GCC and its resolutions.  Regarding the Gulf unity, the researcher hopefully to encourage the Gulf States to save no efforts to reach their goal since they already have all the constituents and means.

Journal of Law
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