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Volume :18 Issue : 70 1993      Add To Cart                                                                    Download


Auther : Dr. Mohammed H. Khwajkia


The Study focuses mainly on:

          Global aspects of the Qatari economy with an analysis of the industrial strategy and policies adopted by the State of Qatar.

The Oil Sector:

         Its predominance in the economy and the changes it has witnessed through the past two decades, since the first application of the “limited participation” principle, till the instauration of full state control over exploration, production and distribution operations.  Effects of such tremendous developments on State revenue and public expenditure are scrutinized.  

 Natural gas:

        The study tries to outline future prospects of this relatively new strategic resource (mainly the Giant North Gas Field) and the role it may play in developing the Qatari economy in general and manufacturing industries in particular.

 The Manufacturing Sector:

        This sector is studied in its multiple aspects: recent developments, contribution to national revenues diversification, participation in GNP.  Main industrial activities are studied in detail with recent data about their respective share in gross industrial income and information about their performance, productivity levels and production capacity use.

 General Indicators of Manufacturing Industries in Qatar:

        This is the last chapter of the study and it provides data and information about the size and limits of the local markets and proposes ways to face the constraints it imposes on industrialists.  It also focuses on industrial exports and their increasing share in total exports of the country.  Possible areas of growth and expected expansions in the main industrial sectors are contemplated.  Crucial re-adjustments and more viable policies that could lead to health growth rates and general prosperity in the industrial sector are finally proposed.




Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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