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Auther : Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ibrahim


         This research attempts to shed light on the main features of the land-use map of Abha city and focuses on the effects of tourism on this map.  It is based on the assumption that administration, education and tourism are the functions, which have the main effects on the urban of the city.

         Abha, the capital of Asir province, lies in the South-Western region of Saudi Arabia.  For its distinguished site on one of the water-shed lines of Asir Mountains and its moderate weather especially in summer, tourism is considered one of its main functions.  The origin of the city goes back to some villages, which lay in Abha Valley and now represent districts of the modern city.  While urban evolution took place in 1940s,  Abha achieved a rapid urban growth in the last two decades of the twentieth century.  According to the historical rural background of the city, some agricultural lands encroach on the urban areas and some of which are still used.

         In the past, the city got its water supply from two main sources; wells which were dug in some parts of it and more recently from the lake of Abha Reservoir.  But now-a-days the city gets most of its water supply from the Shegieg Distillation Station on the Red Sea.

         The main features of the Land-use map of the city can be defined as follows:

 -  Commercial areas represent one of the destructive uses, especially Abha’s C.B.D., in the city center.

 -  Educational uses have many types, the most important of which are branches of Saudi Universities which attract students from all over Asir region.

 -  Cemeteries, which encroach on other urban uses especially residential areas are considered one of the major problems affecting Abha’s urban environment.

 -  Industrial area is located a few kilometers outside the city on the road between Abha and Khamis Mushyt.

          The effects of the tourism of the land-use map of Abha can be summarized as follows:

 -  There are many types of accommodation for tourists and visitors such as hotels, furnished flat hotels, furnished flats, camps and second homes.

 -  Tourism services are also easily available for tourists and visitors such as; restaurants, take-away outlets, cafeterias, laundries, car offices, travel agencies and real estate offices.

 -  Many types of green lands such as public gardens, parks, playgrounds, farms and other types spread all over the city, which in additions to the mountainious landscape form a charming physical chart of Abha.


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