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Auther : By: Dr. Naeim H. Abougomaah


          The primary objective of this study is to determine the extent to which consumers in Kuwait are consistently aware of advertising deception.  In addition, an attempt is made to measure the effect of consumers’ demographic characteristics and consequently determine whether such effect and relationships are consistent too.

           To accomplish these objectives, a number of hypotheses results reported by a previous study (done by the same researcher) in the area of deceptive advertising, the data needed in the present study were collected through a questionnaire, distributed to the same random sample (308) of subjects who responded in the previous study.  The questionnaire encompassed three parts.

 Part I:- was designed to measure using an indirect approach, consumers’ ability in identifying three deceptive newspapers’ advertisements.

 Part II:- was designed to measure consumers’ awareness of deception using a direct approach through which they were asked to express their opinions concerning that issue of deception.

 Finally, Part III:- was concerned with subjects’ demographic characteristics.  The questionnaires used in the analysis represented 98.7% of the sample size.

           The results reported in this study are based on:

(a)  a comparison with the results of the previous study and

(b)  a comparison of results obtained utilizing the indirect approach with those obtained through the direct approach. 

The data are analyzed through a number of statistical techniques, basically, Z-test, Chi-Square test, Anova, in addition to correlation analysis.

           The results reveal in general that the consumers under study were inconsistent as far as their awareness of advertising deception was concerned.  In addition, the effect of their demographic characteristics on such awareness is inconsistent.  Finally, the relationship between a number of variables and that awareness are also inconsistent.

           Based on these results, a number of recommendations in several areas are proposed.  The areas include:

(a)  Consumer protection,

(b)  How to benefit from measuring consumers’ attitudes and opinions, and

(c)   Research done by academicians.


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