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Auther : Dr. Naeim Hafez Abougomaah


         Brand Loyalty (BL) has been considered an important concept in the marketing literature.  Since its introduction by George Brown, in the early fifties, it has been subject to intensive theoretical and empirical research.  However, it has gained little interest from researchers in the Arab World.  Moreover, no empirical studies have been done on the concept.  Therefore, the present study is an attempt to measure consumers’ Brand Loyalty in Kuwait as applied to the facial tissues Co-op brand.

         The purpose of this study is threefold:

 1.     to determine whether there is BL to the Co-op brand, and the reasons behind that,

2.     to measure the effect of consumers’ demographics on their loyalty, and

3.     to investigate the relationship between the Co-op BL and consumers’ purchasing decisions in a number of situations.

         Five hypotheses have been developed and tested.  Two of them are set to measure BL and its degree.  Two others are related to the effect of the demographics.  The fifth hypothesis is set to determine the relationship between BL and consumers’ purchasing decisions.

         To set these hypotheses, a traffic sample of 404 consumers is selected.  The data were collected through personal interviews utilizing a questionnaire.  It consists of three parts: one is designed to measure BL and the variables related to it, the other aims at obtaining additional data and the last seeks demographic data.  The response rate was 88% (357 out of 404).  The data are analyzed by applying: Discriminant analysis, weighted averages, Z-test, KRUSKAL WALLIS Test, and PEARSON correlation.

        The results of this study reveal that:

 1.     the number of loyal consumers is less than the number of the others,

2.     there are several differences between the two groups in a number of aspects such as sex, job and nationality,

3.     the degree of loyalty is about average,

4.     sex, Co-op society membership and work location have significant effect on the degree of BL,

5.     the degree of Loyalty is positively correlated with the decision not to switch to other brands, goes down or the price of the Co-op brand goes up or the price of other brands goes down, or the price of the two becomes equal,

6.     the degree of BL is negatively correlated with purchasing and trying another brand recommended by a friend and

7.     there are a number of reasons behind loyal consumers’ preference of the Co-op brand.

        Based on these results, a number of related recommendations are introduced.

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