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Auther : By: Abdul-Fatah Al-Sherbini and Naeim H. Abougomaah

          The Product Life Cycle (PLC) has been considered an important concept in the marketing literature.  Since it was introduced in the late fifties, a number of studies have been oriented to explore the different aspects related to the concept.  However, very few studies, if any, have examined the concept in practice (i.e. marketing managers’ awareness of the concept and its use in formulating product strategies).

           The purpose of this study is twofold:

(1)      to measure marketing managers’ awareness of the concept: its constructs and importance, and

(2)      to determine the extent to which managers use the concept as a tool in formulating the product strategies in Kuwaiti corporations.

           Four hypotheses have been developed and tested, based upon 16 criteria.  The first two of these are set to measure the degree of awareness and the other two to examine to what extent the prerequisites for and the implementation of the concept exist in the corporations under study.

           To test these hypotheses, a simple random sample of 60 Kuwaiti corporations (50% of the total number of corporations under study) is selected.  The marketing managers of these corporations constitute the sampling units.  The data were collected through a questionnaire using both direct and indirect questions.  The questions were developed to determine to what extent the 16 criteria concerning the awareness and implementation are applied.  The response rate was 81% (52 out of 60).

           As far as the awareness factor is concerned, the data collected are classified based on 2 demographic variables (education: degree and area of specialization and training attained).  On the other hand, the data concerning implementation are classified according to the corporations’ characteristics (age,  size and product type).

           The data are analyzed by applying mainly Z and Chi-Square tests.

           The results of this study reveal that:

(1)     the marketing managers’ awareness of both  the concept and its importance is limited, though they demonstrate some differences according to their demographics, and

(2)     the corporations’ utilization of the concept is also limited, yet there exist differences among them in this respect according to their characteristics.

           Based on these results, a number of related recommendations are introduced.

Journal of Law
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