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Volume :16 Issue : 61 1990      Add To Cart                                                                    Download


Auther : Dr. Abel Rahman I. Al-Maquel



         This study aims at identifying the present status of agricultural research in GCC States, its contribution in increasing agricultural productivity and its effects on reducing the dependence of those countries on importing their needs of essential foodstuffs.

         It is divided into the following three major sections:

 1. General theoretical framework.

2. The present state of the scientific agricultural research in GCC States.

3. Recommendations which include:

 I.At the Country Level:

 1.  Reviewing the status and objective of the present agricultural institutions.  In light of that, steps may be taken to unify or even to eliminate some of these institutions in such a way to increase their efficiency and to avoid duplicating, overlapping or conflicting research activities.

 2.  The necessity of giving agricultural research centers and experiment stations more moral and material support so as to enable them to better perform their functions and achieve the desired goals.

 3.  The necessity of providing agricultural research agencies with their needs of highly qualified research staff and their technical assistants.  At the same time, in-service training programs for all research personnel should be given high priority.

 4.  Close cooperation and coordination between agricultural research agencies and agricultural production sectors should be maintained at all times.

 5.  The necessity of conducting periodic evaluation of all research activities and matters.

 6.  Increasing cooperation with the international agricultural research centers and to maximize the benefits derived from the available agricultural databases in the area.

 II.At the Regional Level:

          1.A comprehensive and accurate survey of the human and material resources allocated for scientific agricultural research should be done and accordingly, a realistic research plan should be developed so as to fit the needs and potentialities of the various countries in the region.

          2.Specialized regional agricultural research centers should be established to conduct strategic research of common interests for all GCC States.

          3.Encouraging the mutual agricultural research projects which deal with common and significant agricultural problems especially in the following areas:

   a.  Utilization of water for agricultural purposes including problems of salinity, desertification, etc.

   b.  Research on farm machinery and equipment.

   c.  Greenhouse farming.

   d.  Aquatic research.

   e.  Agricultural marketing and farm management research.

   f.  Plant diseases and plant protection.

   g.  Poultry and animal production.

          4.  The need to strengthen the existing agricultural extension organizations so as to enable them to carry out their expected responsibilities in diffusing research findings as well as in transmitting farmers’ needs and problems to the research centers.


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