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Auther : Dr. Mostafa Hosni


         The importance of social work in the scholastic field emerges from the crucial role the school plays in the society.  Through the professional efforts exerted, social work can bolster this role and help the school achieve its educational goals.

         This study aims at designing a hypothetical frame for social work practice in the scholastic field, a frame which accords with the nature of the profession and the school role in the society.  It is based on the directives on which professional tasks and efforts focus.

        Within this frame, these hypothetical efforts are defined in order to examine their correspondence to the actual specialties of the Social Worker.  Then, it defines the amount of effort needed to perform each of these professional tasks and, after all, evaluation their effectiveness.

        For the purpose of this study, the Comprehensive Survey Method is adopted.  A questionnaire was filled out by seven hundred (700) social workers who work at all the different school levels and kindergartens at the five educational districts of the State of Kuwait.

        The conclusions of this study are as follows:

 -  All the professional efforts a social worker is supposed to perform are embedded in his/her pre-dictated specialties.  However, some social workers do not practice some of these efforts.

 - Most specialties require a great amount of effort.  However, some specialties require only an average effort.  These are related to co-planning with the School Board and working with the Social Groups, Activity Council, Parents-Teachers Association at the District level.

 -  For most specialties, efforts have high level of effectiveness except for those exerted to work with the Social Groups, Activity Council and Parents-Teachers Association at the district level which caused an average effect.

 There is a correlation between the effectiveness degrees on the one hand, and the amount of the effort exerted on the other.  This is not applicable to the School Board co-planning where an average effort exerted caused a high level of effectiveness.

Journal of Law
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