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Auther : Dr. Nassef Abdel Khalik


         study aims at analyzing and evaluating the process of administrative development in Bahrain.

         This principal objective was maintained through emphasizing the following sub-objectives:

-       Elaborating the size and nature of development challenges managed and confronted by the state administrative machinery.

 -       Evaluating the operational effectiveness of the administrative machinery with regard to its ability to fulfill the development requirements.

 -       Diagnosing and analyzing the problems hindering administrative development in Bahrain.

 -       Suggesting and recommending some basic remedies and solutions through which development could be fostered and development administration could be strengthened.

         In response to these objectives, the study is divided into three main sections:

         The first section examines the environment of development in Bahrain, especially the demographic and socio-economic factors affecting and determining the effectiveness of development in administration.

        The second section deals with the evaluation and structure of the state administrative machinery, which is the prime mover of development in Bahrain.

        From an evaluative and analytical perspective the third section discusses and assesses the potentialities and capacity of administrative development in Bahrain.

       Finally, the study concludes with detailed conclusions and recommendations aiming to overcome the challenges and problems facing administrative development in Bahrain with a view to paving the way for effective and efficient comprehensive development.


Journal of Law
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