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Auther : Dr. Saleh Abdullah Al Jassem


         This study surveys the destructive behaviour and practices of Kuwaiti students “boys and girls” at the intermediate and secondary schools, their ability to relate destructive behaviour and its consequences, and the possible causes and factors behind these negative practices.  The study concludes by suggesting curative measurers and recommendations, which would help in redressing this situation.

         The sample included girls of the summer clubs of the intermediate and secondary stages from the five educational regions in Kuwait.

         The study shows the following:

-       The different aspects of these malpractices are common to all schools with different degrees.

-       The results of such behaviour mean the wasting of public funds, which lead to lack of services that can be made available to students.

-       There is nearly a consensus among both the boys and girls about the reasons, which lead to such destructive behaviour and the curative measures as the differences among them were statistically insignificant at the significance level of 0.05.  However, there were significant differences in each group of the boys and girls about those reasons and the curative measures.

-       These practices may be attributed to the lack of concern by our curricula and teaching methods about this phenomenon, unsuitable up-bringing and social class and institutional causes.

         The study ends by some recommendations such as the utilization of students leisure time in beneficial scientific and cultural activities to be provided by scientific and sports club and the scientific camps; school curricula, teaching methods and the attitude of teachers are of great importance in handling this problem, approach in up-bringing their children, the mass media orientation of parents and students about this problem.

Journal of Law
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Journal of Law
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