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Auther : By: Dr. Zaki M. Hashem

The international co-operative movement, now more than 140 years old, has spread almost throughout the world and has been operating on an enormous scale. Indeed, at the present time, the co-operative system seems to be the formula that allows the most effective and extensive participation in socio-economic aspects of life.

The main objective of this study is to describe and analyze the characteristics of the co-operative movement in Kuwait and the environment that influences its operation, to reveal the administrative and organizational problems facing this movement and offer some guide-lines which might be useful in promoting the co-operative sector and in developing the co-operative organizations towards the efficient and effective achievement of their objectives.

Data for this study were collected via structured interviews carried out with 175 top management executives representing 28 consumer co-operatives, 4 productive agricultural co-operatives and two co-operative associations. Two questionnaires were designed for this purpose.

The areas covered in this study include:

    1. the extent of commitment of co-operative organizations to co-operative objectives,
    2. the nature of the problems facing to co-operative organizations,
    3. the extent of active interaction between co-operative and their associations.
    4. The government’s role in supervising co-operative organizations and
    5. Other co-operative fields needed.

Based on the findings related to the covered areas a set of recommendations are developed and presented here in the hope that it would be useful to the co-operative movement in Kuwait.

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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