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Auther : By: Badawi Khalil Mustafa

This paper provides detailed information and assessment of economic statistical sources together with their applications in the Yemen Arab Republic. Four major subject headings are included dealing with population censuses, statistics of agricultural production, statistics of consumption and national income.

  1. The first section deals with the population of Yemen Arab Republic. The 1975 census gave the population figures at (6492535) with the annual rate of increase of (2.5%). This section provided preliminary analysis of the census tables with regard to density, migration, sex and age composition as well as employment, education and marital status.
  2. The second section deals with agriculture in Yemen Arab Republic which has so far been very large. The total cultivable area in Yemen Arab Republic is estimated at (20,000) million hectares. Vegetables and Crops occupy about (1.515) million hectares. A preliminary analysis of the areas utilized and agricultural holdings in every governorate and the number of employees in every agricultural holding are carried out.
  3. The third section assesses the statistics dealing with consumption, methods for measuring the standard of living, the monthly per household expenditure on items of consumption by expenditure groups, and also the elasticity’s of expenditure.
  4. The fourth section deals with the principal national income accounts in Yemen Arab Republic which are:

  1. Gross Domestic product and expenditure.
  2. National disposable income and its appropriation.
  3. Capital finance.
  4. External Transactions.

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