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Auther : By: Dr. Fathi M. Musailhi

The evolution and growth of cities depend on the importance of their location. The theme of this paper measures the potentials of location in an index which we can call: Place Focalization Index (P.F.I.) that depends on its connection with transport networks.

We can sum up the conclusions of this theme in the following points:

  1. The potential of urban locations varies clearly in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh and Dammam cities come at the top of a list of seven cities, which are of the most important urban locations (P.F.I.8), next in importance are nine cities (6 – 8), and 15 cities have relative importance (index 5). But urban locations, which have little importance (P.F.I. 4), are those of 27 towns and 45 little urban locations (P.F.I. 3). Finally come urban locations ( 3 ) that have limited potentials.
  2. The order of urban locations takes a pyramidic form. Where the small size urban locations (1 – 3) constitute 32.5% from the total of urban locations. Urban locations which have little potentials (3 OF which constitute 25% of the total of cities can be excluded).
  3. The Development of transport and communication networks will influence the Potentials of urban locations in the following five years. The main changes will be the decreasing of the proportion of less potential urban locations ( 3 ) to less than 7% of the total and the increasing of the proportion of small urban locations to one fifth of the total. So the base of the pyramid is expected therefore to expand.
  4. The interrelation between the proportion of urban locations and urbanism is a negative one. Little urban locations increase in Southern and Northern provinces which have low rates of urbanization and vice versa in western, middle and eastern provinces which have more rapid rates or urbanization.
  5. The pyramid of urban locations is almost complete in the eastern province, followed by middle and western provinces, and finally the Northern and Southern provinces.
  6. The potentials of settlement locations are considered one of the most important dynamic variables which determine the potentials of the growth of suggested small towns.

In this paper it is also suggested that groups of small settlements may become small town according to Place Focalization Index, provided that there are sufficient static variables such as size, function and form.

Journal of Law
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