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Auther : By: Dr. Mohsen Atef

Non-petroleum industries in the Gulf have been the centre of recently published research, especially after the establishment of the Gulf Co-operation Council in May 1981 and its need for data about the Gulf markets and products for the overall purpose of economic integration.

The analysis given in this paper is carried out in the light of the fact that the consumer is the core of all the marketing activities in general and in the adoption of new products in particular, and the fact that the economy of a developing country has its own characteristics, as different from that of a developed country.

This paper deals with tamr “dates” as an industrial product and not merely an agricultural one, because it passes through many stages of technical, chemical, and commercial processing before it is finally marketed.

This paper has two objectives: a) to delineate an integrated marketing model that can illustrate the elements, factors, and characteristics of the marketing activities of the said product, and b) to explore the degree to which the available and prospective marketing opportunities can be exploited, while safeguarding the interests of consumers.

The paper deals with the following points:

  1. Defining the marketing opportunities, and outlining the perspectives of each one of them.
  2. Identifying the inter-relationship between each specific marketing opportunity and the product throughout its life cycle.
  3. An extensive and intensive investigation of the most suitable marketing-mix for the product under study, i.e. product planning, pricing policies, physical distribution and promotion throughout every stage of the marketing life-cycle.
  4. Establishing and defining some criteria for the assessment of the marketing-mix of each available opportunity and the way to achieve the accurate marketing strategy.
  5. Evaluating the marketing activities that match the real marketing opportunities for the product under study and their importance for producers in achieving the different objectives of their organizations, viz, sales turn-over, profitability and the rate of growth of the market share.

This analysis is based on data derived from many secondary source as well as primary investigations. The conclusion shows the need for establishing an efficient organization for the marketing activities and highlights the importance of determining the type, means and perspectives of each strategy of the marketing opportunities. It also points out the need for further research in this vital field of marketing in the Gulf.

Journal of Law
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