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Auther : Dr. Moustapha Al-Shalagani


         Mortality during the first year of life is of particular significance, for it represents an important indicator of the overall health and socio-economic standards in any country.  A child demise in infancy means that society is not capable of supporting his life and providing proper health care to his mother during pregnancy.

        In Kuwait, the study of infant mortality data shown that Kuwait occupies middle position between healthy developed countries and those countries where the rate is still high.  Observed fluctuations and differentials in the rates by sex, nationality (Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti) during the period under investigation (1966-1971) indicate possible under-registration.

        In an attempt to assess the quality of data, the trends and differentials in the following parameters and indices are examined:

(1)  The distribution of infant deaths by age.

(2)  Sex-ratio at death for infants.

(3)  Ratio of infant deaths to total deaths.

(4)  Ratio of infant death in the (1-4) age group.

 (5)  Ratio of total deaths to total births.

         The results indicate that errors exist in the published official data on infant mortality.  And the estimation of its parameters is suggested.  A simple random sample of 237 households in drawn, and data on the various characteristics of infant mortality were collected.

         Based on the data collected, a parametric representation for the age-pattern in infant deaths is obtained.  The resulting form agrees with the recorded international patterns of infant mortality.  In addition, the sample provides means for investigating the effect of various socio-economic factors on infant morality in Kuwait.  The birth interval and birth order are shown to be highly correlated with the levels of infant mortality.

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