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Auther : By: Alawi Abdullah Taher


          During the British colonization, Aden was completely isolated from the rest of the world.  Its people knew nothing about what was going on in the world, except what they read in the few available magazines and newspapers.  Through these magazines, they became acquainted with the cultural and literary movements in Cairo and Paris particularly, as regard the literary French and Egyptian Saloons.

           Hence, they started to establish literary and cultural clubs of their own such as:

   1.     The Arabic Literary Club                  establishment on 1925

  2.     The Arab Reform Club                                     1929

  3.     Mokhayaim Abi-Tayeib                                    1939

  4.     Abu-Allai’ Club                                                1942

  5.     Shawqi’s Circle                                                 1942

  6.     Ya’rob Bin Qahatan’s Club                              1943

  7.     Youth Cultural Club                                         1947

  8.     Youth Literary Club                                         1951

  9.     Yemen Unity Youth Organization                    1961

10.     National Organization of Arab Writers              1962

11.     Graduated Conference Gathering                      1962

12.     Arab Youth Organization                                           1963 

           These clubs have had their noticeable impact on Yemeni Cultural movement.  Lectures, meetings and seminars helped informing a Yemeni cultural base and in encouraging and developing the literary movement, poetry education and culture.

           They also provided the people with large numbers of books and magazines, which contributed to raising their cultural standard and to the instegation of a fruitful dialogue between the Yemeni and Arab writers.  Many of these clubs published their own magazines in different fields of literature, and participated in solving many of the incumbent problems of the society.

           Methodological controversy between Yemeni writers brought about a marked development in poetry, prose and other fields of education and literature and it also contributed to the establishment of Yemeni political parties.

           The literary clubs of Aden are mainly responsible for the enhancement writing and publishing books, magazines and newspapers.  This, in turn, has deeply affected the people and encouraged large numbers to start learning.  They are, in many respects, the cornerstones of the cultural development of Aden.


Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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