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Auther : By Dr. Bader Eddin Al-Khussussi

After the First World War, the U.S.A. gave special attention to the Arabian Gulf Oil, thereby competing with Europe and with Britain in particular.

The U.S.A. directed its efforts first to Iraq where it succeeded in obtaining shares in TPC, later known as IPC; through that holdings in IPC, it presented all oil fields in Iraq.

Following this first success the U.S.A. then turned to the Sheikhdoms along the Arabian Gulf; and in May 1933 it obtained an oil concession in Al-Hasa’ area. After three years the American Texas Company merged with the Standard Oil Company of California, holder of the concession in Arabian American Oil Company, later known as ARAMCO.

This was followed by U.S.A. efforts to win concessions in nearly areas such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Trucial Coast Sheikhdoms and Muscat. Its efforts resulted in:

  1. The SOCAL obtained a concession in Bahrain in December 1928, and signed another concession in 1932 under the name of Bahrain Petroleum Company.
  2. In December 1934 the U.S.A. won another concession in Kuwait in a joint company called K.O.C.
  3. In 1948 the U.S.A. won another concession in Kuwait under the name of American Independent Oil Co. in the Neutral Zone.
  4. In February 1949 the U.S.A. signed another concession with Ibn Saud in the Neutral Zone under the name of Pacific Western Oil Company.
  5. In Qatar the IPC obtain another concession through Qatar Oil Company.
  6. In 1938 the IPC succeeded to obtain an oil concession in the Trucial Coast Sheikhdoms. Following this, a new company emerged known as Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast) Limited.
  7. In 1937 the IPC won a new oil concession, in Muscat Sultanate, a new company named Petroleum Development (Oman and Dhafar) Limited.

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