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Auther : By: Dr. soliman El-Khodary El-Sheikh, and Dr. Mohamad A. Salama

The present study was conducted to explore teachers’ job satisfaction in Qatar, and their attitudes towards certain aspects of teaching as a profession. The aspects, towards which attitudes were examined, were school administration, promotion opportunities, salary, social status, conditions of work and relations with students and colleagues.

The selected sample consisted of 240 teachers from both sexes (120 males and 120 females). Subjects were randomly chosen from elementary, preparatory and secondary school teachers (80 subjects from each level).

Information was collected through a specially developed scale. The scale consisted of 64 Likert-type items and three multiple choice questions. It gives even sub-scores: one for overall job satisfaction and one for each of the above mentioned aspects of the profession. Percentages, analysis of variance and t-test were used in analyzing data.

The main results of this study can be summarized as follow:

  • Most subjects expressed satisfaction with their jobs. No significant differences were found either between the two sexes or between different school levels.

  • Most respondents expressed positive attitudes towards school administration. No significant differences were found between subgroups.

  • Most of the teachers were not satisfied with promotion opportunities.

  • Attitudes of most teachers towards salary and material incentives guaranteed by profession were negative. No significant differences between subgroups were found.

  • In general, attitudes towards social status of the profession were negative. However, females were more positive towards social status than males.

  • Most teachers expressed negative attitudes towards work conditions in school. Some differences were found between the two sexes: females were more negative than males. Secondary school teachers were less negative than others.

  • Subjects expressed their satisfaction with human relations in schools. No significant differences were found between sub-groups.

  • Some significant correlations were found between overall job satisfaction and attitudes towards school administration, promotion opportunities, and conditions of work and social status of the profession.

  • Factors, perceived by subjects as sources of job satisfaction, were social status, salary, human relations and the role played by profession in social development.

  • Subjects expressed some personal problems such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and lack of incentives.

N.B. The results of this paper were discussed in the light of the prevailing social and professional conditions in Qatar.

Journal of Law
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