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Auther : Dr.Mansour A. Mansour


The purpose of the Research:

          The purposes of the research are mainly represented as an academic attempt to establish a general introduction to the professional security in the State of Kuwait.  The introduction includes principal factors that can be interpreted into practical life for protecting and safeguarding the laboring human capacities.  And this introduction derives its elements from the field studies that have been carried out in the industrial areas in the State of Kuwait

The analysis:

        Among the indications given by the studies there are the following:

1.     There is a strong and direct relation between the environment of the work and the accidents that happen because of the defects in applying the methods of precaution in the environment.

 2.     There is a general concept of the means of the profession security especially in the most dangerous industries.

 3.     Some institutions do not fulfill the technical descriptions that provide the labourer with security and safety.

 4.     The executive regulations of rules of the law issued in 1964, have not been issued until ten years, i.e. in 1974, which helped the institutions to ignore carrying out the methods of professional security to its labourers.

The Factors of Professional Security:

          The research mentioned above contains a representation of the model of the factors of professional security which are precautional, medical, curative, therapeutic, surgical, medical guidance and vocational guidance factors.

           The purpose to put these factors into actions is represented through the maintenance of human-wealth, and preserving it quite well in order to ensure it’s surviving in a satisfactory standard to the healthy, psychological and physical ability which enable the human wealth to set up the wheel of the industrial and economic development in the State.

           The study concluded the general principles that should be regarded in applying the proposed model.  The principles are presented as follows: subjective, social, expenditure, investing, professional and juristic principles.

The Processes of Implementing the factors of the professional security:

           The purpose of applying the factors of professional security is represented in ensuring the labourer continuation in his original work or in a suitable one, which fits his remaining ability after his recovery from the accident.  The research explains that there are three processes to implement the factors of professional security.

           The first process is represented in applying the methods of the professional security in order to protect the labourer and his continuation in the original work.

           The second process includes the medical, the curative and the therepentic factors, which should be applied in any case of temporary disability and after the labourer recovery, he restores his original work.

           The third process is represented in applying the professional factors the surgical, medical guidance and vocational guidance factors as an attempt to return the labourer to his original work or to another one that fits with his remaining ability after his befallen into an accident that led to the temporary disability.

           In the end the research treats the necessity to ensure an income to the labourer and the members of his family after wage deduction because of his misfortune and his temporary or permanent disability, and also if the accident led to the labourer’s death the ensuring income extends, to the members of the family who were supported by him during his life.

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