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Auther : By Dr. Talib Hassan Mousa


The Trade Register is ruled by a federal law. It was promulgated in 1975 under the court order number five, and took effect two months after the promulgation.

According to the Article twenty-third (23) of this law there is to be a central register as well as the local registers established in each emirate. The central register is to be kept in the Economic Ministry situated in the capital. This study raises many questions. The principals of these are:

  1. Who is obliged to ask for registration under this law? The merchant himself or another person, because the consistent authority can accomplish it in spite of any demand from the merchant.
  2. What are the procedures that the competent authority must take before giving a decision to allow registration?
  3. What legal competence has the authority in this field? It can reject the request for registration or indicate the requisite conditions to be complied with. It has no obligation to give any justification for refusing registration and delaying giving a decision.
  4. What are the legal effects resulting from registration? What is the result of breaking the rules of registration? There are different punishments dependent on the derogation the merchant could exercise his professional activity without registration or present false declarations.

He could be punished for no registration and continue his professional activity without registration.

To give clear answers to all these questions and others that we find when we study this subject, we accordingly study the registration in the trade register in the first part, and the legal effect of the registration in the second part.

Journal of Law
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