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Auther : Dr. Shauib A. Shauib

         This paper has attempted to review the traditional accounting model and explains its expansion into an accounting information system by adding new attributes and specifically redesigning the information flows.  This review was used to evaluate the accounting reports in Kuwait.
          The expansion of the traditional accounting model into an accounting information system requires a mechanism for changing variables within the operating system as required by the users.  It is therefore recommended that the generally accepted accounting principles are to be defined and stored in the system.
          In recent decades, businessmen in Kuwait have become much more aware than formally of the value of the information generated by the accounting system.  Furthermore, the government has entered into the accounting picture by requiring certain books and reports.

         The traditional accounting model, the accounting information system and the stage of development of accounting practice in developed countries are used as a frame of reference to evaluate the usefulness of accounting reports in Kuwait as an information system.  This approach necessitated the examination general accounting principles and financial reporting system in Kuwait.  This analysis is undertaken with the purpose of:

1)     Examining the present conditions of the accounting principles and financial report in Kuwait.

2)     Examining the accounting regulations in Kuwait.

3)     Evaluating the present accounting principles and financial reporting system in Kuwait.

4)     Suggesting ways and means to remedy the defects.

Journal of Law
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