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Auther : By Badawi Khalil Mustafa


Consumption is the final objective of production and the individual works to provide for others and himself, goods and services in order to lead a content and comfortable life.  In return, the State aims with its economic policies to elevate the economy to a welfare economy and raise the living standard of its subjects.  And in order to assess the standard of living in a country certain methods are used.  The most popular method of assessing the living standard is to survey the family budget, and this was the method followed in assessing the living standard in Bahrain where the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Finance conducted a survey of the family budget between August 1974 and July 1975.  To obtain the necessary figures the cost of living was divided into different groups according to consumption expenses:


1.     Food and drinks;

2.     House rent etc.,;

3.     Clothing;

4.     Energy consumption;

5.     Household goods and services;

6.     Transportation etc.;

7.     Entertainment, education and sports;

8.     Medical expenses;

9.     Other goods and services….


Bahrain was divided into 11 statistical areas, 6 urban and 5 rural areas, 804 families were selected from these areas and information data was collected from only 402 families at a time at each of the twelve period from August 1974 to July 1975 inclusive.  These families were classified according to size, age groups of members, sex, monthly earnings, class of housing etc…..


Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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