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Auther : By Dr. Ibrahim Al-Dousouki

         The motor vehicle is regarded one of the most important inventions of the human mind for what it contributed to the progress and development of mankind.  Yet, as the years passed, the number of vehicles increased to an unprecedented number, precipitating several problems and difficulties.  Some deal with the accidents and casualties resulting from driving it on public roads, the others resulting from slow movement and confusion.

         Statistical studies in various countries have registered a significant increase in car and traffic accidents, constituting by itself a serious problem, not only for its accelerating and frightful increase, in number and rate, but for its far reaching and undesirable consequences.  And in Kuwait, particularly, statistics have indicated a sharp in crease in number and rate of traffic accidents.

          The second aspect of traffic problems is the slow motion of traffic and congestion.  The ill effects of these on traffic on public roads are not less serious and significant than traffic accidents and casualties.  The negative implications of the slow movement of traffic are mostly evident in number of economic, health and psychological aspects.  Especially, the financial loss and economic harm resulting from the time lost by automobile users.

         Car parking has also become one of the problems traffic creates as many parking places and lots are no longer capable of accommodating that huge number of vehicles whose drivers wish to stop or park for sometime.  The later problem becomes more serious when it appears in sections of economic, commercial and social importance of town, where parking is an urgent matter.

         Organizing car parking has, no doubt, a great affect on the traffic problems mentioned above.  That means, adequate organization of parking could lead to a reduction of traffic obstruction and can ease traffic congestion.  This can also help solving the problem of the slow movement of traffic and consequently reducing traffic accidents, as a part of these accidents result from confusion and the slow movement of traffic.  The problem of parking in Kuwait is caused by several factors, most important of which are:

1.     The continuing increase in number of vehicles.

2.     The concentrated inflow of traffic into the central and congested parts of town.

3.     No sufficient parking sites and disorder in some.

 On the other hand, solving the problem of parking can be summed up in two basic measures, followed up by some complementary measures, as follows:

 FIRST: To work on reducing traffic congestion caused by private vehicles - most vehicles in urgent need of parks – in areas where car parking is a problem, by undertaking the following:

-       To limit the expansion of number of private vehicles.

-       To encourage buying small cars.

-       To promote using public transportation

-       To encourage the establishment of commercial and work centers outside of town.

 SECOND: To work on increasing car parks and raising their effectiveness through organization, by means of:

-       Increasing the number of basement and multi-storey car parks.

-       Organizing the present car parks.

-       Organizing parking for taxi-cabs.

 COMPLEMENTARY MEASURES Meaning the ways and means which could help consolidating the two previous measures and increasing their effectiveness.

-       Making the public more traffic-conscious, especially where organizing parking is concerned.

-       A strict enforcement of parking rules and regulations.


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