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Auther : Dr. Zein Eldin Abd Elmaksoud


         Pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems.  It affects the Ecosystem and presents a growing threat to the ecology and human health.

        Oil and natural gas represent the main source of pollution in the Arabian Gulf Region.  A region, which represents the biggest oil producing area in the world, began to suffer from the problem especially after the industrial development and the growth of urban settlements.

        Therefore, pollution caused by sea-bed drilling and exploitation, oil spill from vessels and tankers, urban sewage are the main sources of present and future pollution in the region.

        The discharge of untreated industrial waste (liquid and gases) from oil refineries and industry particularly Petrochemicals and fertilizer plants are rapidly increasing along the Gulf.

        The development of urban centres in the Gulf are forms another source of pollution owning to the discharge of great quantities of untreated sewage into the Gulf.

        Consequently the Arabian Gulf region became polluted.  It is expected that the problem will be very serious if steps for pollution control have not been taken.

         A case for pollution problems is found in Kuwait where Shuiba village has suffered severely from air pollution.  These facts and information about housing planning was obliged to migrate the people to a new location far from the Shuaiba industrial complex.

         So plans for pollution control are very urgent to save the region and to create clean and healthy environment.  Some ideas to realize this aim can be performed.  Firstly, the regional co-operation is very important for abating pollution.  All Gulf States should co-operate in taking the necessary measures for dealing with the pollution problem in the region.  Establishment of a regional Oil Center for pollution research is very urgent.  This center will help all the states to co-operate in the fields of scientific research, to exchange data as well as other scientific information.

         Secondly, owing to the danger of large oil spill, the Gulf states ensure adequate equipments and qualified personnel to deal with this problem.

         Thirdly, the industrial authorities in the Gulf States must take all necessary measures to prevent and combat pollution through sound plans.  Factories must use the new equipments, which reduce or prevent the dangerous pollution.

         Finally, dumping the sewage into the Gulf without treatment must bee forbidden by law and all states must establish stations to treat sewage water and plants to convert urban solid wastes into fertilizers.  This has been, partly, achieved in Kuwait.

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