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Auther : By: Abdul Tawab Sharaf Al-Din

    1 – History:
This Section describes the history of Kuwaiti Periodicals.  The first interest in these        periodicals started at the beginning of the twentieth century with the help of Iraq through Basra where a high tide in the interest in that field affected that movement in Kuwait.
Anyhow, the Kuwaiti Periodicals were born with great difficulty because of a “Fatawa” i.e. instructions of religious people, which prohibit reading of Periodicals; Nevertheless, the Kuwaiti inhabitants knew the system of periodicals subscription.  The first Kuwaiti periodical (Mejallah Al_Kuwait), was issued in the year 1928 by the Kuwaiti historian Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al-Rasheed.  Since 1948, we have been observing a particular change in publishing Kuwaiti periodicals.  In that year, “Kazima” published  “Al-Baath”.  “Al-Ra’id” was published in 1950, “Al-Imam” in 1953, ….etc.
Since 1972, the University of Kuwait has become very active in publishing specialized periodicals.  In the meantime, other societies in Kuwait have been publishing so far, specialized periodicals such as “Kima” in the field of Chemistry, which was published in 1975 by a petrochemical industrial company in Kuwait.
2 – Subjects:
This section deals with the subjects contained in these periodicals.  These subjects include all kinds of human knowledge, with more stress on subjects of culture, politics, education, literature, petroleum and information.
There are some periodicals each of which deals with a specific subject such as: woman affairs, children, medical sciences, Arabian Gulf studies and art.
Some of the Kuwaiti periodicals are published in English to cover their scientific treatment, for example: “Journal of Kuwaiti Medical Association”, “Journal of Palestine Studies”, is published in English to be an organ of Palestine Nation to the world public opinion.  “Europe and Petrol” explains to the European peoples what Arabs want to do with their petrol, exposes their goals in this field, proves their ability to maintain peace and to be of great benefit to all the peoples of the world.  There are also some informative periodicals written in English for English readers and foreigners in Kuwait.
3 – The Interest of Kuwaiti Periodicals:
This section aims to reflect the broad and keen interest of the cultural and scientific societies inside and outside Kuwait in the above-mentioned periodicals.  Kuwait University, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information are the main societies in Kuwait which publish and encourage publishing Kuwaiti periodicals.
UNESCO (Cairo) and UNESCO (Paris) listed many of the Kuwaiti periodicals in the two directories of current Arab periodicals: 1965 and 1974.
The Library of Congress, one of the famous and well organized libraries in the world, photographed some of these periodicals and preserved them in microfilm form.
The following reference tools also list Kuwaiti periodicals:
1. Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, N.Y.
2. Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin, N.Y.
3. World of Learning, N.Y.
The great interest shown by the previous well known and world Information sources towards Kuwaiti periodicals reflects the importance of these Kuwaiti periodicals.
4 - The future of Kuwaiti Periodicals counter Information Technology:
This last section deals with an acute problem from which the developing countries suffer, it is the problem of periodicals as courses of information confronting information technology.
Information technology had vast progressive steps since the 1st and 2nd world wars.  There are also many methods of information retrieval and storage.  The Kuwaiti periodicals will be our first interest concerning the storing and retrieving of their information.  This problem is not only the interest of libraries but also of scientists in all fields of human knowledge.
5 – Results:
Thus, we come to the conclusion that our subject realizes the following results:
1) The need of co-operation among the different scientific institutions inside and outside Kuwait, for preparing: directories, union lists, indexes, and bibliographies, abstracting journals to these Kuwaiti periodicals.
2) Training librarians on the methods of gathering data and information from these periodicals by using computation methods and other media information technology.
3) Arranging the collections of Kuwaiti periodicals preserved in our libraries to prepare them to be centers of information sources and data.
4) Encouraging publishing Kuwaiti periodicals that tackle certain specific subjects, such as: childhood, woman affairs ad the Palestinian problem.

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