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Auther : Dr. Ferydoon Firoozi


         This article traces the development of the labor movement and trade union in Iran during the present century. By the end of the 1920’s it became for Iran to establish and protect local industries from foreign competition. By 1940 there were some 150 major industrial undertakings in Iran, which were state owned, financed and subsidized. This growth has created a sizeable industrial labor force, which amounted in 1965 to 43.7% of the working class force and about 13.6% of the population.

         As a result, there appeared several institutions in Iran to cope with the rising needs of the industrial labor force in the realms of social distribution, compensation for on the job injuries, cost of living, etc.

         The author studies in detail such developments in the fields of:

    1. The development of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services.
    2. Labor laws and social insurance.
    3. The establishment and development of trade unions, and
    4. Labor compensation and productivity.

         The author shows that the Tudeh Party (The Communist Party of Iran) has established and controlled the labor movement and trade unions in Iran. However, he states that the political inclinations and affiliations of that party led to its destruction and ban by the Iranian government. Alternative trade unions were established by government organs; however, they failed to take the initiative and play effective role.

         The author then discusses the developments in the wages of Iranian workers. He concludes by showing that trade unions in Iran are still in their formative era, that they have not produced effective leaders from among their own ranks, and that they are affected by, rather than effecting, the prevailing economic and political conditions in the country. However, he predicts that this formative era will not last long due to the rapid economic development.


Journal of Law
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