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Achievements :

  • It appears in eleven international indexes and is listed in several international data bases
  • It won the Publishers Prize awarded by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) in the area of ``Humanities for issues number 95 and 124 in the years 1999 and 2007 respectively. The award is granted to the best article published in a Kuwaiti refereed journal
  • Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature has granted Prof. Othman Homoud Al-Khedher the National Encouragement Award (2009) in social Sciences and Humanities for his research paper in JGAPS (127), 2007, which is published by Arab Gulf Center for Educational Studies



The Journals Highlights :


176 issues have so far been published in addition to seven volumes on Gulf and Arabian Peninsula documents, nineteen monographs, fifteen studies of length exceeding that of the regular article, two special issues (1992, 1994) on the subject of the anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and five roundtables and seminars.


I. Documentary Series :


A seven-volume series of select documents on Gulf and Arabian Peninsula issues were published in the period 1975-1982. These include important official documents recording major political, economic, social and cultural events in the region. The series was suspended and a special fixed section in the journal titled ``Dailies was launched in lieu. The series included:

  • Gulf Documents for the year 1975, published in one volume in 1979.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1976, published in one volume in 1981.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1977, published in one volume in 1982.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1978, published in one volume in 1983.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1979, published in one volume in 1983.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1980, published in one volume in 1984.
  • Gulf Documents for the year 1982, published in one volume in 1986.

The documentation section of the Journal was carried on till the year 1997 when it closed in the wake of the establishment in 1994 of The Centre for the Studies of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula which took on among its responsibilities the collection of historical and contemporary documents and their publication.


II. Books, Monographs and Special Issues :


A series of monographs, books and special issues have been produced within the framework of the Journals plan to present informed research relevant to the Gulf region and the rest of the World which addresses all types of readers ranging from the decision makers, scholars and academics to the common and average reader. These include:


A. Books and Monographs :

  • Economic Integration in the Arabian Gulf, Dr. Hisham Khawajkiah, 1978 (418 pp).
  • Prospects of Industrial Development in the Arab Gulf Countries, Dr. Abdul Ilah Abou Ayyash, 1978 (174 pp).
  • Childrens Rights in Kuwait, Dr. Badriya Al Awadi, 1979 (73 pp).
  • Economic Statistics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Badawi Khalil Mustafa Ibrahim, 1980 (90 pp).
  • The Role of Fatat Al Jazeera Newspaper in the Events of 1948 in Sanaa, Dr. Sultan Naji, 1980 (71 pp).
  • Saqr al Rshood: The Innovator of a Second Vision, Dr. Mohammed Hasan Abdullah, 1980 (280 pp).
  • Kuwait City: A Study in City Geography, Dr. Ahmad Hasan Ibrahim, 1982 (404 pp).
  • Research Work in Education and Teaching, Dr. Hamed Abdul Aziz Al Faki, 1983 (190 pp).
  • Britains Policy in Aseer during WWI, Dr. Farouq Othman Abaza, 1983 (112 pp).
  • OAPEC: The Arab Organization of Oil Producing Countries 1968-1977:A Comparative Study in International Organizations, Dr. Adel Ameen Khaki, 1984 (484 pp).
  • Arab Marine Sciences from Ibn Majed to Al Qutami: A Comparative Study, Dr. Hasan Saleh Shihab, 1984 (343 pp).
  • The Population of Kuwit: A Geographic Study, Dr. Ahmad Hasan Ibrahim, 1985 (168 pp).
  • The Kuwaiti Press, Incentives and Outcomes: An Overview, Dr. Mohammed HH Hasan Abdullah, 1985 (470 pp).
  • The Legislative Authority in Arabian Gulf States: Its Rise, Developments and Influencing Factors, Dr. Adel Al Tabtabai, 1985 (408 pp).
  • Present and Future Prospects of Yemeni Unity, Dr. Khalid Ben Mohammed Al Qasimy, 1985 (279 pp).
  • New Trends in Oil and Gas Accounting and its Importance to GCC Countries, Dr. Sadeq Al Bassam, 1985 (132 pp).
  • The Yemeni Press Pre-September 26, 1962 Revolution, Dr. Alawi Abdullah Taher, 1985 (259 pp).
  • Select Bibliography on Kuwait Derived from Books and Periodicals in the Period 1983-1986, prepared by Fatma Al Sultan, 1987 (40 pp).
  • Maternity Leaves for Female Employees according to Kuwaiti Labor Law: A Comparative Study, Dr. Jalal Mohammed Ibrahim, 1989 (172 pp).

B. Special Issues :

  • The Effect of Inflation on Kuwaiti Stock Corporations, Dr. Mohammed Ahmad Al Azmeh & Dr. Yousif Awad Al Adly, 1980 (75 pp).
  • Economic and Financial Relations between Egypt and Hijaz from the Ottoman Conquest to French Occupation 1517-1797, Dr. Fouad Mohammed Al Mawi, 1980, (108 pp).
  • The Strategy for Agricultural Development in the Republic of Yemen, Dr. Adel Ibrahim Hindi, 1980 (70 pp).
  • Expeditions and Excavations in the Arabian Peninsula, Dr. Abdul Aziz Saleh, 1981 (96 pp).
  • Labor Force in the Building and Construction Sector in Kuwait: A Demographic Study, Dr. Amal Yousif Al Athbi Al Subah, 1982 (192 pp).
  • The Efficacy of Estimated Budgets as Tool for Planning and Performance-Assessment in Industrial Establishments in Kuwait, Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Khairi & Dr. Mohammed Sabri Al Attar, 1982 (142 pp).
  • An Analytical Survey of Educational Research on the State of Kuwait (1955-1981), Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Ahmad, 1983 (101 pp).
  • The Environments Effect on Kuwaiti Companies Adopting Technology, Dr. Fouad Abou Ismail, 1983 (112 pp).
  • Al-Aroud Region in the Writings of Arab Geographers, Dr. Abdul Minim Shami, 1983 (168 pp).
  • Towards a Better Understanding of Population Disorders in the Oil-Producing Countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Dr. Ali Al Kawari, 1983 (130 pp).
  • Kuwaiti Commercial Ports: A Geographic Study, Dr. Zain Al Deen Abdul Maksoud, 1983 (145 pp).
  • A Modern Concept of Marketing and Planning Commercial Banking Services in Kuwait, Dr. Abdul Fattah Al Sharbeeni & Dr. Abdou Naji, 1984 (98 pp).
  • A Tractate on the History of Yemen ``Calends of Fire by Ahmad Ben Yousif Ben Mohammed Ben Fairouz, a Historian from the Tenth Century of Hijra; edited and annotated by Dr. Mohammed Issa Salhieh, 1984 (136 pp).
  • Women in Ancient Arabic Texts and Antiquities ``From the Heritage of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, Dr. Abdul Aziz Saleh, 1985 (172 pp).
  • Trainers and Trainees Opinions of Teacher Training Programs Offered by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for the year 1982-83, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al Ahmad, 1985 (180 pp).
  • A Special Issue on the Aggressive Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, a group of Researchers, 1992 (330 pp).
  • A Special Issue on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. Select studies presented to the World Conference on the repercussions of the Iraqi Invasion on Kuwait held, on 2-6 April, 1994, Issue No. 74, 1994 (388 pp).

C. Seminars :

The Journal held five special seminars which addressed a number of issues vital to the Gulf region:

  • The Future of the Arabian Gulf and Joint Arab Work Strategies. The International Scholarly Seminar of the Centre for Arabian Gulf Studies at Basra University in collaboration with the Journal of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, March 29-31, 1981 (three volumes).
  • The Future of Water Resources in the Arabian Gulf Region and the Arabian Peninsula, March 3-5, 1981 (four volumes).
  • Seaports and Development in Arabian Gulf Countries ``the Second Scientific Seminar, April 13-16, 1985 (35 pamphlets).
  • Unification of Legal Legislation in Gulf and Arabian Peninsula States. A seminar held on the occasion of the convention of the tenth session of the General Secretariat of the Centre for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies and Documentation, Nov. 23 1987 (one volume).
  • GCC Seminar on ``A Common Future and the Inevitability of Joint Work, November 15-17, 1993, organized by the Journal of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies in cooperation with (KFA) Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science, and Kuwait Centre for Research (two volumes).
  • The reality of hearing disability in the State of Kuwait: The present and Future 10/3/2010.
  • Democracy and Violence in the Twenty First Century, 16/4/2014, Issue No. 156.
  • The Impact of Development Projects on the Environment, 1/2/2015, Issue No.158.
  • Trends of Gulf Studies: Rights and Obligations. 25/10/2017, Issue No.168.
  • Kuwait National Archives, 4/12/2018, Issue No.175.
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