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  • Contributors are academic faculty members from various universities and faculties in both Arab and English and French.
  • It's newly published the Journal No. (172) for the month of January 2019. It includes Ten academic researches about different issues :




First Research : Factors Related to Children disclosure of Sexual Abuse Professor.
Prof. Hayfaa Y. AlKandari

     The current study aimed at identifying obstacles related to children's disclosure of sexual abuse as reported by 141 Kuwaiti specialists, consisting of social workers (n = 47), teachers (n = 47) and lawyers (n = 47) of both genders. A measure of the demographic Factors Related to Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure whose psychometric properties were found to be applicable to Kuwaiti society was prepared. There is a general agreement (64.5%) among social workers, teachers and lawyers that child sexual abuse is very common in Kuwaiti society. There is also a general agreement (43.3%) among the respondents who expressed their dissatisfaction with the services provided to the children subject to sexual abuse. The agreement is even stronger (83%) regarding the need to establish a shelter and therapeutic center for these children. The results also showed that all respondents believe that family and community conditions play a key role in child sexual disclosure. However, social workers and teachers, unlike lawyers, believe that there are certain child characteristics that control sexual abuse disclosure. These include the degree of the child dependency on the offender, the age during sexual abuse, lack of mental and social abilities that would help him to understand the meaning of the abuse, the feeling that there is no justice in the case of complaint, and the respect and appreciation for the offender. Moreover, social workers and teachers, unlike lawyers, believe that the nature of the dialogue between the offender and the child is the most important obstacle to detecting sexual abuse. The study recommends that more surveys should be conducted on the prevalence of child sexual abuse in Kuwaiti society, and that it is necessary to provide therapeutic services as well as raise awareness among families about sexual abuse and its different forms.

Second Research : Role of University Leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Private Universities in the Sultanate of Oman as Perceived by the Academic Staff at those Universities.

Salha A. AlBolishi - Prof. Aref T. Attari

     This study aimed identify the role of university leaders in corporate social responsibility (CSR) at private universities in the Sultanate of Oman as perceived by academic staff and determine whether there are statistically significant differences between participants that could be attributed to their demographic characteristics and organizational variables. The sample of the study consisted of 494 of the academic staff at six Omani private universities. A questionnaire consisting of six dimensions was administered. The findings revealed that the participants reported a high level of involvement in CSR on all dimensions except for the dimension relating to "local community", which was activated at "moderate" level. The findings also revealed that there were statistically significant differences among participants attributed to their academic title, years of experience, college, and province. The study concluded with some recommendations.

Third Research : The Effect of Lighting Intensity on the Efficiency and Capacity of Silicon Solar in Yemen.

Dr. Abdullah M. Altaweel - Prof. Nabil A. Alkodosi - Dr. Abduljabbar M. Alayani - Essam Y. Alsmawi

     The daily average of solar radiation intensity in Yemen is estimated at 20.18.Mg. Day per m2. This paper examines the effect of optical radiation intensity and the change of distance on the efficiency and capacity of solar Silicon panels. An experiment was made to examine the radiation of solar energy and measure the capacity and efficiency of two solar panels in different climates and circumstances. Three different values of lighting, in which the counterpart radiation was controlled by Rooster, were recorded. The simulation on monocrystal and poly-crystal panels found that the efficiency and capacity of the two panels positively correlated with the intensity of lighting. It was also noticed that the intensity of short-circuit solar current correlated positively with lighting intensity.

Forth research : Degree of Parent Councils' Involvement in Tasks and Responsibilities in Post-Basic Education Schools in Al-Dhakhlya Governorate in Sultanate of Oman.
Dr. Hossam Eldin A. Ibrahim

     The present study aimed at examining the degree of parent councils' involvement in tasks and responsibilities in Post-Basic Education Schools in Al-Dhakhlya Governorate in Sultanate of Oman. The study adopted a descriptive method in the analysis and used a questionnaire to collect data. The questionnaire was distributed to a sample of (116) teachers. The findings showed that the degree of parent councils' involvement was medium. They also showed that there were no significant differences at (a 4 0.05) in the study variables of academic level, experience and job, while there was a significant difference in the gender variable in favor of females.

Fifth research : Evaluation of Organizational Websites as A Communication Tool:An Analytical Study.
Dr. Jadaan F. AlShammari

     This study examined to what extent government Organizations in Kuwait use its websites as a communication tool. It also attempted to examine the quality of Kuwaiti organizations websites according to the theoretical model called "The Corporate Website Quality Elements Paradigm". The Study used a survey method and a content analysis as the data collection tool. A sample of (30) government websites were selected and a content analysis was conducted of five Elements in the content analysis tool. Generally, the findings indicated that all government websites had quality components, including content, organizing Elements, design, and ease of use. However, the results showed that the quality of interactivity elements was very low.

Sixth research : Reality of Input and Educational Processes in Arab Private Schools in Kuwait: A Teachers' Perspective.
Dr. Ghazi E. AlRasheedi

     This study aimed to examine the quality of the input and educational processes in Arab private schools in Kuwait based on teachers' perspective. A questionnaire was designed and then distributed to a sample of 83 teachers. The results showed that there are sufficient financial resources in these schools. However, the teachers suffer from several pressures relating to low salary, large teaching load, and classroom density. A large proportion of the sample also saw that these schools do not observe transparency standards about students' scholastic achievement.

Seventh research : Use of Information and Communication Technology and its Relation to Teaching Skills at Primary Schools in Kuwait: An Islamic Education Teachers' Perspective.
Dr. Maali M. Alabdulhadi

     The study aimed to examine the use of information and communication technology and its relation to the teaching skills from the point of view of Islamic education teachers at primary schools in the State of Kuwait. A descriptive research approach was used. A questionnaire consisting of (24) items was designed and distributed to (214) teachers. The results reported a high degree of effective use of information and communication technology in teaching skills by teachers of Islamic education. However, there were no significant differences among the participants based on their years of experience. The study concludes by emphasizing the importance of using information and communication technology, including internet-connected computers and technical equipment, in order to enhance Islamic education.

Eighth research : Villa Design in Terms of Area, Constituents and Functions: A Users' Perspective.
Essam A. Haidar - Dr. Waleed S. Alzamil

     The introduction of the villa as a type of dwelling into Saudi Arabia in the seventies has contributed to creating several patterns and functions. This study aims to develop a theoretical model in light of the steps that should be followed by analyzing the current situation of villa patterns in terms of area, constituents, and functions. To examine family members' perspective, a model consisting of five steps has been designed and implemented. This model starts with analyzing the factors affecting area and constituent components, and concludes with showing spatial and functional elements that are compatible with the Saudi family.

Ninth research in English  : The Impact of Public Expenditure on the Quantity and Quality of Education in Kuwait.
Dr. Wael M. Alshuwaiee - Dr. Nayef N. AlShammari

     This study investigates the relationship between education spending and educational performance. It examines the impact of education spending on the quantity and quality of education in Kuwait. The yearly data sample covers the period between 1979 and 2014. The paper tests whether higher government spending on education in Kuwait can lead to improved educational performance over the long term. The estimated model is tested using the Johansen co integration technique to determine the long-term relationship. The findings show that increasing Kuwaiti government spending on education does not improve the quality of education but instead leads only to an increase in its quantity.

Tenth research in French : Assujettissement de l'indemnité de fin de carrière à la sécurité sociale dans le droit koweïtien.
Dr. Khaled A. Aldhafiri
     En 2014, le législateur koweitien a adapté à loi no? 110 de l'année 2014 le régime d'indemnité de fin de carrière pour toutes les personnes soumises à la loi de la sécurité  sociale.  Ce réfime recouvre  l'avantage d'accorder une indemnité financière pour le départ à la retrait. Le législateur vise dans son rapport sur le droit de l'assuré à l'obtention d'une indemnité financière lors de la fin de carriére à l'unification des indemnités financiére exigibles aux nombreux travailleurs de certains secteurs lors de la fin de servive. Le législateur a décidé que cette loi remplace tout engagement de la part des employeure à verser une indemnité financiére quel que soit l'origine de cet engagement, de quelque nature qu'il soit, loi, réglementation ou en vertu d'un contrat ou d'une convention.
     Les employeurs ne sont plus dans l'obligation de verser des indemnités financiére aux assurés lors de la fin de carriére. Par l'exigibilité de l'indemnité financiére, les catégories soumises aux dispositions de cette loi sont tenues de cotiser à reverser cette derniére. Selon les régles spécifiquew é cette indeminté, l'assuré soumis aux dispositions du droit de la sécurité sociale s'engage à verser 2.5% de son salaire mensuel. Le trésor public est obligé également de participer à hauteur de 5% du salaire mensuel de l'assuré. Il appara t évident que la différence de bsase de versement des indemnités financiére lors de la fin de carriére des salarités, principalement ceux des organismes gouvernementaux qu
     ils soient civils, militaires ou pétroliers,m est la raison kajeure qui a poussé le législateur Koweitien à unifier la base d'exigibilité à la pension de retraite lors de la fin de carriére, et ce, en trouvant des régles juridiques spécifiques à l'indemnité de fin de carriére représentées par le régime d'assurance précu par la loi d2 2014.


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