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  • Contributors are academic faculty members from various universities and faculties in both Arab and Muslim World.
  • It's newly published the Journal No. (164) for the month of January 2017. It includes Eight academic researches about different issues :




First Research : Environment Protection Within International and National Laws " Special Reference to Kuwait's Law No.42 of 2014 " .

Dr. Mefareh M. AL-Subeie

     This paper addresses the lawful protection of the natural resources with respect to two main laws; the International law and the National Law. The objective is to fight against all forms of pollution and environmental damages that occurs widely and for long spells and durations. The paper emphasized the international efforts to provide protection through conventions and provisions of international justice, and the establishment of international responsibility against any country that violates international environmental protection laws. This paper highlighted the State's internal role in controlling and preventing aspects of pollutions, and the order of civil liability through the compensation for environmental damages. Finally, the paper provided recommendations that may help in enabling the state authorities in imposing control and protection of the elements of the natural environment, and the role of individuals in preserving the environment and natural resources.

Second Research : Students Opinions Regarding Domains Tackled in Social Media Means in the College of Education at Kuwait University .

Dr. Fayez M. AL-Dhafeeri - Ebrahem A. AL-Kandari - Azari J. AL-Ali - Ohood Y. AL-Jadi

     The current study aimed at identifying students opinions about domains of interest tackled in social media. The study also aimed at assessing the effects of some demographic factors such as gender, marital status, and major on students' interest in the domains tackled in social media. To achieve the objectives of this study, descriptive methodology approach was adopted. The sample of the study consisted of (624) students from the College of Education at Kuwait University. The findings revealed that students differ in their opinions about the type of domains tackled in social media females were found to be more affected by the type of domains tackled in social media than males. However. there were no significant differences in relation to students' marital status or their majors. The study also found that home is the preferred place for using social media over both university and public places. The findings also revealed that using social media at home takes more time than university and public places. Consequently, the study encouraged using social media with students and suggested giving them social media based homework, specially in the social and cultural domains.

Third Research : Evaluating Sustainability of Building Regulations in Riyadh Using the Scale of (LEED) .

Dr. Mosaed A. AL-Sadhan - Abdulaziz A. AL-Masned

     The city of Riyadh - the capital of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia (KSA) - is witnessing an extensive and wide urban development within its geographical surroundings. Riyadh City Council implements a construction code for building licenses that requires, among others, the provision of proper lightning, ventilations, safety, and security. However, the international awareness in the environment and emphasis on the efficiency of resources has pushed for global attention to adopt plans and programs for the concept of green sustainable buildings, with international criteria for measurable systems. The research problem stems from the fact that the present construction regulations and systems in the city of Riyadh did not adopt the global green building concept. In specific, the sustainability factor was rarely highlighted. This research aims to analyze the existing construction regulations and systems in the city of Riyadh, by reviewing its main and detailed articles. In addition, the construction systems will be revised in accordance with the most reputable global construction systems for energy savings and environmental protection. Based on the review of global criteria, the LEED scale was used as an analytical tool in this study. The output of this paper will contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.

Forth research : Predicting the Selection of Teaching Profession by Communication Competence, Communication Apprehension, and Attitudes Toward Teaching at the College of Education at Kuwait University.

Dr. Saleh A. AL-Ebrahim

     The study aimed at exploring the role played by communication competence, communication apprehension, and attitude towards teaching to predict the selection of teaching profession. The personal interviews held by the college of education to detect applicants' competency for the practice of teaching profession depends primarily on their communication capabilities and attitude toward the profession. Hence, the level of communication competence, communication apprehension, and attitudes of 266 freshmen enrolled in the College of Education at Kuwait University implemented to build the results of the study.
     The results indicated that the level of communication competence and communication apprehension did not predict the selection of teaching profession, while the level of attitude towards the profession played a positive role in forming the decision. The semi-structured interview of low communication competent and high apprehensive samples showed that the "cultural-social values towards women's work" and the "accumulated experiences" play a motivational role in the selection of teaching profession, despite communicational deficiencies. In light of the findings, the study presented several recommendations and proposals.

Fifth research : The Extent of the School Contribution in the Enhancement of Values of Loyalty and Belonging Among Students in Secondary Education in the State of Kuwait .

Prof. Jassim Y. AL-Kandari - Huda A. AL-Kandari

     This study aimed to identify the extent to which the school as an educational institution of the various components the student and teacher, and curriculum activities and their effectiveness in promoting and instilling the values of loyalty and belonging within students. Also to identify the extent of awareness of students with these values, and to analyze the variances of statistical semantics depending on the variables of study: educational zone, gender, grade, school, specialty rate. The sample size was (2608) Kuwaiti Students in the secondary level, of the total sample (1062 or 40.7%) were males and (1546 or 59.3%) were female. The results of the study showed that the school's contribution in promoting the values of loyalty and belonging as a whole was low, average arithmetic (2.24) and standard deviation (0.578). The level values of loyalty and belonging in students as a whole was high. The study results showed that the interest of students in values was not one degree, paying some values more attention than others. This differentiation according to researcher spotted the following priorities: the value of loyalty and religious affiliation in first place, followed by the values of loyalty, then the values of family, loyalty and tribal loyalty, and finally the value of loyalty and belonging to the sect's.

Sixth research : An Investigation into Decision Makers Awareness of Consequences of the Financial Crisis on Kuwaiti Stock Market.

Dr. Hesham I. ALMujamed - Dr. Faisal S. ALanezi - Dr. Mishari M. AL-Faraih - Dr. Abdullatif E. AL-Rukhyes

     The importance of this research comes from the perceptions of investors, decision-makers, and other stakeholders about the causes and effects of the consequences of the global financial crisis on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE). Furthermore, it evaluates existing solutions and proposes alternative solutions. One hundred thirty-five questionnaires were returned, 42.2% of the study population.
     The study suggests that there are causes contributed to the consequences of the financial crisis and such causes may lead to the possibility of repeat crisis scenarios in the KSE. Among the main causes is the lack of commitment to the application of laws regarding supervision and full disclosure, investors' exaggeration on investment decisions and the absence of the concept of risk management. Further, the current research suggests that stakeholders and other parties did not benefit from lessons of the previous financial crises that have occurred in the State of Kuwait, particularly, the Almanakh crisis.
     The current research concludes that negative effects reflected on the KSE as a consequence of the financial crisis and decreased levels of confidence in the KSE and the ability of the national economy to recover. In addition, investors, companies, and banks experienced losses and many firms were delisted. Furthermore, social problems in society emerged, such as employee layoffs, which is what happened exactly during the period after the 1976 crisis and the Almanakh crisis. Finally, this study offers a number of other findings and recommendations for interested parties in this regard.

Seventh research : The Implementation of Children Literature in Introducing Traditional Costume .

Prof. Laila S. ALBassam - Dr. Tahani N. ALAjaajy - Dr. Wasmiyah A. ALaql - Dr. Arwa D. Khomayyies

     The purpose of this study is to introduce children to traditional clothing covered by the points below:
- Providing a variety of literature samples as a method of approach both in lingual dexterity and visually for youn children.
- Understanding the impact of the samples and testing out the children's knowledge of traditional clothing.
- Provide children story writers with the proper materials to envision the path to which their story lines can be.
- Implement the methods and materials in their work to present children with proper material on different traditional clothing of the different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
     The process of which the study was conducted was a descriptive and analytical method, with several methods and materials used to gather information, insuring their accuracy and refined details. The methods of which were used to gather information was through personal interviews, surveys and note-taking to assess the selected stories that were narrated to children living in cities i.e. Jeddah and Riyadh, in the age range of 7-15 years old. Several suggestions as ti help incorporate traditional attire and clothing in children's literature. These suggestions were implemented in the publishing of a story book with the name of "Ashr Baneyyat" or ten little girls, teaching and introducing young children of the different and varied traditional clothing of the Kingdom, in the age range of 9-15 years old. The study concludes with recommendations that more books should be published in regards to cultivating and enlightening children of the national and traditional attrite of the Kingdom.

Eighth research : Comparison of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) - Based Slope Calculations' Impact of Data Models on Surface Terrain Indexes .

Dr. Mofareh D. Qoradi

     This paper addressed building an evaluation model to compare slope computed from digital elevation models (DEMs) and triangulated irregular networks (TINs) based on sample slope random points. The study used Moran's statistics to calculate slope differences between DEM and TIN results, where the slope average difference was about 9.46 degrees in the model starting with DEM and about 1.94 degrees in the model starting with TIN. In addition, the midpoint displacement method (MPDM) was employed to calculate differences between slopes computed from the northeast to the southwest corner of the dataset based on sample random points by Monte Carlo simulation; the study found no spatial trend in slope differences running from northeast to southwest through the datasets. The study recommends considering the use of DEM and TIN to create other surface-like slopes, hill shade, aspect, and hydrological analysis or when converting among them.



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