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  • Contributors are academic faculty members from various universities and faculties in both Arab and Muslim World.
  • It's newly published the Journal No. (163) for the month of October 2016. It includes Eight academic researches about different issues :




First Research : Attitudes of the College of Education's Faculty Members and Students at Najran University Toward Electronic Tests : An Explanatory Study .
Prof. Mohamed K. Hassan - D. Mohammed A. ALmaraee

     The aim of this study is to identify the college of Education faculty members and students'  attitude toward electronic tests.  To achieve the objective of this study, a questionnaire was designed to measure three dimensions: cognitive, emotional and behavioral attitudes. The questionnaire was administered to a sample of 53 faculty members and 218 students from college of education at Najran University for the second semester of the academic year of 1433-1434H. The researchers have used means, standard deviations, t-test and ANOVA to analyze the sample data. The results showed that :
     The faculty members' attitude toward cognitive domain was positive, while the students' attitude toward the same domain was moderately positive. While both faculty and students' attitudes toward emotional and behavioral domains were moderately positive. There are no statistically significant differences between male and female students on the three domains. While there are a significant differences in the emotional domain between the students attributed to their academic level in the direction of the sixth level students. Also, there are significant differences in the cognitive domain between faculty members and students in the direction of faculty members. As for faculty members, there are a significant differences between them in the emotional domain and behavioral domain due to the years of experience in the direction of 5-10 years' experience.

Second Research : Terms of Rain and Clouds in Contemporary Hijazi Dialect of Arabic and their Relation to Modern Standard Arabic .
Dr. Khalafulah Bin M. AL-Qurashi

     This research article investigates the terms of rain and clouds in contemporary Hijazi dialect of Arabic. The researcher collected the data for this study from some of the tribes of Hijaz zone and classified the terms according to the alphabetical order. The aim of the study to bring up an understanding of the originality in contemporary Hijazi dialect through the investigation of vocabulary items in these two areas (rain and clouds). It also aims to show what changes have taken place in these terms tracing back the standard ones to their roots in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and interpreting the changes that these terms have undergone in light of modern linguistic theories.

Third Research : Decentralization of Education and Areas of Application as Perceived by School Principals in Kuwait .
Dr. Abdulaziz S. AL-Muhailebi - Dr. Salem S. AL-Hajeri - Dr. Ali H. Ibrahem

     This study aimed at examining school principals' perception of decentralization of education and fields of application. Also, it identified a number of advantages and disadvantages of giving schools more authority and autonomy, from school principals' viewpoint. 142 questionnaires were returned. The main result of this study was that most school principals perceived school autonomy positively, especially in areas of student affairs and teacher professional development. The study also provided a number of recommendations for applying educational decentralization in Kuwaiti public schools.

Forth research : Understanding Drivers that Influence College Business Students Toward Management Information System Major .
Dr. Kamal M. Ruwebih

     Selecting a college major represents a major life decision that requires extensive decision-making over a period of time, especially considering the commitment of time and resources. This is a heavy and risky decision which may engage and corrupt and alter the future of undergraduate students. However, undergraduate students commonly articulate knowing other students who chose their academic major for less-than-rational reasons. In fact, some of these students even admit that this phenomenon describes their own decision-making process, which led most students to select traditional majors such as accounting and marketing and move away from management information system (MIS). In order to understand this phenomenon, this study aims to achieve the following three objectives. The first is to understand drivers that lead students to select or deter them from choosing MIS as their major in Kuwait. The second is to explore potential relationship between these drivers and the students' intent to enroll in the MIS major. The third is to study the potential role of demographic data (gender, age, prerequisite courses for the major, years spent by students in their college) on these drivers and their effect on student intention to select MIS major. 195 data were collected using a qualitative approach based on open-ended questions, which highlight a number of factors that drive or inhibit MIS major selection. This has been followed by a quantitative data collection which involves data collection from a sample of 415 students. This study discusses these issues both findings and their implications useful for research and practice.

Fifth research : English Piracy Against Indian Ships and its Influence on the East India Company During the 17th Century .
Dr. Maha A. Alkhashil

     The sea route between India and through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea nasa historical economic importance. By the beginning of the modern time, new factors have emerged and influenced the balance of power in that region. The arrival of the Europeans to the Indian Ocean had attracted some fortune seekers and pirates, who found that Indian ships crossing to the Red Sea in regular journeys to this region were valuable targets.
     This study aims to study the attacks of English pirates carried on the Indian ships crossing through the Indian Ocean,  the reasons behind these attacks, the attitude of Mughal's Emperors, and the effects upon the English East India Company. The study covers the period from the beginning of the 17th century until the end of the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb (1658-1707).
     The study concluded that piracy was a disturbing issue that influenced the relations between Mughal and English, who had a trading interests in the Indian Ocean. The impact of the piracy has been important to the movement of ships, cargos, pilgrims, who used the sea route to the coasts of Arabia. The impact on the English East India Company emerged in the piracy attacks during the 17th century, which represented the climax of power of state of Mughal who were influenced by the piracy attacks. This resulted in the company demanded for itself the authority to trace pirates, enforcing the order and security. Gradually it was turned to take the responsibility to maintain law,order and trade within the limits of its authority, the responsibility which has taken other dimensions in the region in the two following centuries.

Sixth research : The Psychological and Educational Problems that are Facing Practical Education in the College of Basic Education .
Dr. Iqbal A. AL-Haddad

     The current study aims at identifying the psychological and educational problems that are facing practical education (Students - teachers) in the college of Basic Education. For this purpose, a questionnaire was used. The questionnaire was divided into sex aspects namely student supervision planning, lessons, application, evaluation, and assessment. The sample consisted of 207 students- teachers four different majors in the practical Education College.
     The researcher made use of averages and percentages for statistical analysis. They have designed a standard to judge on the most important psychological and educational problems that students- teachers are facing. T-Test was applied to find gaps among averages. The case study results indicate that all the academic and education preparations aspect, the psychological aspects, the training schools aspects, planning and lessons application aspects are categorized in the middle stage of learners' concerns and interests. The supervisor on the practical education aspects came under the un important category. The evaluation and assessment aspect lies between the below average and un important category. The results manifested or indicated that differences related to statistics exist. Among the final results of students- teachers in general majors and specific majors according to the nature of problems was in favor for the students- teachers of the specific majors like Art ,PE physical education and home science.

Seventh research : Determinants of Capital Adequacy Ratio in Yemeni Banks .
Dr. Ghaleb S. Mushabeb

     This study aims to measure the determinants of capital adequacy ratio in the Yemeni banks for a sample of six banks during the period of 2005-2012. To this end, the study uses pooled cross sectional analysis to estimate, pooled regression, the fixed effects and random effects Models.
     The study concludes that liquidity, market share, earnings to assets, return to equity, have positive insignificant effects upon capital adequacy ratio. In addition size and the percentage of ownership, are found to be significant positive determinants of capital adequacy ratio whereas, loans to assets ratio show a significant negative effect.

Eighth research : The Role of Electronic Supervision in Achieving the Professional Development of Teachers in the Public Schools in Kuwait: Heads Departments Perspectives .
Dr. Sultan G. AL-Daihani - Dr. Fahad A. AL-Khezzi - Uhoud Y. AL-Jadi

     This study aimed to identify the role of electronic supervision in achieving the professional development of teachers from the opinions of heads departments in schools. The study sample consisted of (1200) Heads Department of the various educational districts in the State of Kuwait. The researchers adopted a descriptive approach and designed a questionnaire to collect data from respondents. The results indicated a high level of use of the educational supervisors for electronic applications in the areas of (managing, training, teaching, research, and communication) and supervisory processes. The obstacle to the use of electronic applications in the supervisory operations was found on high level. The role of electronic supervision in achieving the professional development of teachers found on high level too. The results also showed that there were  statistically significant differences about the role of electric supervision in achieving professional development for teachers in qualification level favor  for bachelor degree, and difference between educational districts in favor for Hawalli distract, Ahmadi distract and Mubarak Alkabeir distract.



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