Academic Publication Council

Proceeding from the objectives of the Council, and following assigned terms and specialties, the Council hosted and conducted many activities and events during the academic year of 2017 / 2018. Summarized as follow:

 1) In the Area of ​​Issuing Volumes and Publications

From September 1st 2017, until August 31st 2018 the Academic Publication Council published 65 journals, total of 66890 copies all together.

Name of Magazine

Number of Volumes

Number of Researches issued in the Volumes

Kuwait Journal of Sciences



Journal of Engineering Research



Journal of Social Sciences



Journal of the Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies



Journal of Law



Annals of the Arts and Social Sciences



Arab Journal of the Humanities



Journal of Sharia & Islamic Studies



The Educational Journal



Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences



Authorship Translation & Publication Committee






  The Council also published 6 books by authors of the Authorship, Translation & Publication Committee, total of 6,000 copies. With the intention to better support the Arab and international library and enrich them with variety of research studies and literature, and in order to provide opportunities for scientific publishing and arbitrators. The different journals and numerous editions were published according to the highest levels of order to create an atmosphere of intellectual contribute to the building of the academy of vision on various issues.

 2) In the Area of Contained Research Resources and Situation Publication

With the view to disseminating a highly specialized knowledge in the best interest of the academic community, decision makers and readers and other stakeholders in general, scientific journals and Authorship, Translation and Publication Committee solicited and received 3558 papers in different disciplines from many countries. Scholarly journals have observed high standards in calling for papers in an environment of proliferation of scholarly peer review publication channels. This demonstrates the high creditability scholars have attached to the work of the council. Its publications are appreciated in the field and have witnessed renowned recognition in the academic community.

The number of rejected studies amplified to 77.51%, in comparison to the 6.27% of studies which were approved. This increase of rejected studies has a positive connotation, the higher percentage of rejected studies help maintain the value of the scientific journals. This is accomplished by filtering out any limited studies, and only approving studies that meet all of the required academic standards. Moreover, the rate of the published research reached 0.53% of the total research received. This is an indication of the length of the waiting list in the publication, which obviously reflects the intensity of demand for publication in Kuwait University.

In addition, the Academic Publication Council published a considerable amount of journals by researchers outside of Kuwait, comparing to studies done by the faculty members of Kuwait University. The Academic Publication Council no longer depends sole on the research done by University of Kuwait, as it did in the early years of the council; instead, it now demands attention from outside of Kuwait. Currently, the Academic Publication Council drew 3260 studies from outside of Kuwait University, which equals 91.6% of all published journals, and within the University of Kuwait it published 298 journals, which is 8.4% of all published journals. This is a positive indication to the meaning of civilization, and the position of these scientific journals abroad, reflects the accomplishments of the University of Kuwait, and the genuine exercise of the role of Kuwait leading to the cultural and scientific arena.

 3) In the Area of Refereed Research and Books:

 The Academic Publication Council upholds a high level of standards in terms of mandatory research requirements, to verify the quality of each study before its publication. Therefore, the Scientific Journal and the Authorship, Translation & Publication Committee hired 1953 academic arbitrators from different specialties and various countries.

In addition, the Committee made certain that 79% of the arbitrators were from outside of Kuwait. Such measures are taken to rule out any type of bias, and to encourage researchers to publish literature in the University of Kuwait. The Scientific Journal and the Authorship, Translation & Publication Committee also required an average of 46 days for the arbitration. This has helped in the adoption of electronic correspondence as a means of communication between the Journals and arbitrators in several occasions.

4) In the Area of Attainment of Databases:

In an effort to increase the profile of the scientific journals published by the Academic Publication Council and in order to make them available in digital format for a wide sector of researchers and academics around the world, as well as the financial revenue that will be achieved, the Academic Publication Council contracted with Dar Al-Mandumah Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the most important and the largest database in the Arab world. In addition, they contracted with the American company EBSCO which is considered the most famous international database. Both Companies markets scientific journals on a global scale amongst universities and scientific and cultural institutions.

The accession of scientific journals in Kuwait University to these bases is a step which opened the doors for the inclusion of scientific studies published in the journals of the Academic Publication Council on the rules of digital information; it has become a huge source of reference that provides electronic connectivity which allows access to research and studies for the benefit of teachers, researchers and experts.

Within one year; starting from the first of October 2017 until the end of September 2018, 132481 research and studies were downloaded from the Academic Publication Council. This number exceeded the size of expectation which no doubt is an eloquent indicator to the high position of the magazines growth interest and demand that confirms the confidence of the reader. The Council is keen to highlight the role of the university and its contribution in providing the scientific research arena serious and in-depth studies to paint a clear picture of the status of academic publishing in Kuwait University, a position that won the respect and appreciation, and no doubt it is a source of pride.

  5) In the Field of Enhancing the Academic Impact Factor:

The Scientific Journals are classified as well based on citation of other research through the impact factor for a given year. This is the number of times that the research published in journals issues for the last two years divided by the total number of journals research for both years. It was pointed out to Kuwait Journal of Science as a reference in other scientific journals reaching an impact factor of 0.693%, and the Journal of Engineering Research impact factor 0.259%. Efforts are being doubled to enhance this factor, which is through an increase of the academic content of both websites of the journals on the internet, expanding distributions as well as university and research institution libraries, and contracting with a global publisher (Springer) for both journals.

 6) University Book Project:

The aim of providing college books with high specifications and advantages comparable to those textbooks to similar decisions in prestigious universities and contains the latest information in the field of specialization. In a series of university books assigned over to the Academic Publication Council to oversee and with the help of the Authorship, Translation & Publication Committee one new book was issued and three books were reprinted this year:

 New Book:


Book  Title


Number of Pages


Modern International Criminal Law in the light of the International Criminal Court Regime

Dr. Khaled A. Al-Yaqout

Dr.Eisa Al-Enezy


Reprinted University Textbooks:


Principles of Statistics for Social and Human Sciences

Dr. Mohammad Z.Al-Raqab & Dr.Noriah M.Al-Kandari



Legal Interpretation

Interpretation of the Verses of the Islamic Rules

Dr. Walid Khaled Al Rabaih



Foundation of Law

Part: 1

Theory of Law

Prof. Ibrahim El-Desouky Aboelleil



 7) In the Field of enclosed Scientific Seminars:

In response to the contemporary issues of local, regional, and keep abreast of current developments and changes, and opportunities to participate in the academic community linking the existing problems, and to contribute to finding appropriate solutions, the Arab Journal for the Humanities held three enclosed scientific seminars under the title:

“Professor Sulaiman al-Shatty: The Man, the Creative Person, the Critic”, published in issue No. 140.

“Fouad Zakariya: His (Personal) Life and Legacy”, published in issue No. 141.

Interdisciplinarity between Humanities and Natural Sciences”, published in issue No. 143.