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Abuse of Psychoactive Substances in Kuwaiti Secondary School Students

المؤلف : D.r. Abdel- Latif M. Khalifa . D.r. Owaied Al - Mashaan .


A busef of Psycsactine Sulstanccs In Secondary school students

This Epidemiolagical Suruey Aimsat Prevalence of Psychoactive

Sulstanccs Aluse In Kuwaiti Secondary school Students And Its Relation witih Numler Of Social And Psycholoyical Variafle . It Also Aimed To Reaeol The Foctors That Correlate With Psychoactiue Sulytanees Alruse .

A Sampled 4007 Student From Many Jovernmental Secondry Schools Paritcipated In The Study 54.2% Males & 45.7% Females Sulyccts Aged 13.20 With

Average 16.76 # 1.81The Sample Represent All The Gopernorates OF

Kuwait State And The tue Systems OF Education.

The Questionnaise Was Used In This Study Included 65 Item 59

Item Were Part OF The OriginalQuestionnaire that Used Lry The conaitteeOf Standing Program of Druy Alruse , In National center For Social and crininological Research In Egypt .


The Questionnaire Giue In For Mation About . Demagraphical Data . Psychoactiue Sulstances Alase ( e. g . Smaleing ) . Synthetic Drugs .

Naturan Narcotics &Alcohol Beaerage ). Physical And Mental Complaints Besauiaral Deuiances .

The Questionnarse ,s Relialility And validity Were Satisfactory.

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law