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Contemporary Study Emerging Financial Transactions

Auther : Dr. Huda Hamad Salem


The modern world is facing a new phase, in which many aspects of social, cultural and commercial features has changed. Therefore requiring up-to date transaction forms, particularty financial transactions. Because these transactions are fundamental for living. And every person either a buyer or a seller must know the rules in order to have a correct from of transaction.
To achieve that, this book was written using simple and clear terminology, and realistic circumstances to aid muslims in their everyday financial transactions.
I broached the subject of people’s most modern forms of transactions, and stated the probable injunction of law, in reference with fatwas by sheikh’s and islamic scholars.
The book is divided into five chapters:
Chapter One: Explained trade injunctions by showing forbidden trades due to ignorance, and forbidden trades due to deception, while mentioning some examples.
Chapter Tow: Moral rights and vacancies.
Chapter Three: Is dedicated to electronic and online transactions in which i showed the form of the contract and disagreement between the parties.
Chapter Four: Islamic Banking divided into four subjects:
1 - The creation of islamic banking.
2 - Financial resources in islamic banking.
3 - Islamic finance formats.
4 - Financial crisis.
Chapter Five: Financial markets and its tools, and transaction contracts in financial markets.
A huge part of it, worth studying and researehing was left. it was satisfying to benefit muslims in their everyday transactions and raise awareness regarding this subject, no matter how different their lifestyles become, as the Shari’a is able to adapt to any circumstances and changes in the world.


Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
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