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Economic Public Law AComparative Study

Auther : Prof. Mohammad Abdel Latif

Economic Public Law
A Comparative Study

Prof. Mohammad Abdel Latif
Department of Public Law - Faculty of Law
Kuwait University & Mansoura

This book provides a complete study of economic public law that is considered a result of the meeting between public law and economy. This meeting affects public law clearly in many fields : the institutional organization of the state, the legal acts issued by the state, the legal principles in the economic field, the intervention of the state in economy either directly in the form of industrial and commercial public sector or indirectly in the form of regulating economic and financial activities, competition, planning and granting public subsides to projects. In fact, economic considerations has left great transformations in the field of public law. Studying these    transformations is the main object of this book.
This book includes two sections: the first treats the    public theory of economic public law, the second treats particularly the public theory of economic public intervention .

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