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International Environmental Law

Auther : Dr. Mustafa Salma Hussein - Dr. Medwis Al-Rashidi

International Environmental Law:

Study of General Rules and the Important International and Regional Agreements and Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations that Concern the Protection of Environment

Dr. Mustafa Salama

Prof. of International Law at

Kuwait  University - Faculty of Law

Ex-Dean of School of Law at

Alexandria University

Dr. Medwis Al-Rashidi

Associated Prof. & Previously

Head of Dept. of International Law

Faculty of Law

Kuwait University


This book consists of two parts: the first part concentrates on the evolution of the international environmental law, and the second part which embraces the legal rules and the areas of applications. In this regards, the first part analysis the emergence of the environment problem and the international efforts at confronting it whether at the international conferences, or in the international and national organizations and the evolution of international environmental legal rules, with quick reference to al-Sharia, and the characteristics of these rules.  Moreover, this part contains the definition of the environment as the subject of  legal protection and the definition of the pollution. The second part of this book scrutinizes the crystallized environmental legal rules including the general and special environmental principles and the mechanisms for their implementations in all elements of environment: maritime, earth and air, including the legal protection of the environment during arm conflicts



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Journal of Law
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