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The Victims of Crimes Against The Environment in Arab & Foreign (Legislation& an Analytical Study of the LegislativeSources of

Auther : D. Ali Al-Baz


The Victims of Crimes Against the Environment in Arab & Foreign

(Legislation & an Analytical Study of the Legislative Sources of

Environment Protection in the State of Kuwait)


Dr. Ali Al-Baz

Professor of General Law

Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences



The study notably addresses a prevalently vital topic, made so by the widening circle of Pollution that plagues the international community as a whole and threatens each and every individual state. It is paradoxical that man- with his claimed scientific progress and advancement in some industries, especially military ones, and his erroneous behavior- is the culprit and the victim, the accused and the sufferer. Therefore and as title of the book indicates, this study will discuss the victims of environmental crimes from a legal standpoint in a comparative study of Arab and foreign legislations .

The research paper is divided into four chapters :

    • Chapter I: examines the environment, its various forms and the different kinds of pollution from scientific, technical and legal perspectives It also discusses the constitutional source of environmental protection in comparative constitutions, and the role played by the administrative law in protecting the environment.
    • Chapter II: studies environmental crimes in comparative legislations, the comparative legal definition of pollution, and the different crimes committed against the environment in comparative legislations with respect to air, water and soil pollution.
    • Chapter III: contains an analytical study of the legislative sources of the Environment in the State of Kuwait, with respect to the text of the Kuwaiti constitution, the legislations particular to certain environmental fields and the amended founding law of the Environment Public Authority and its executive regulations.
    • Chapter IV: deals with the victims of crimes committed against the environment in the cases of air, water and soil pollution in addition to victims of sound and noise pollution.
    • Conclusion, and the Recommendations of the research-paper and the most important recommendations of International Environment Protection Conferences.

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