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Professional And Computer Ethics

Auther : Sabah S. Al - Fadaghi


Sabah S. Al-Fedaghi

In our world ethical concerns are no more only philosophical and

theological matters but reach the main core of technical professions.

Professionals should know about utilitarian approaches, relativism, Kantism,

right-based ethics, egoism, social contract theory, etc. because major issues

(e.g. right-to-die, pornography, privacy, environment, …) in medicine, computers, technology, … are discussed in these terms or based on these theories. This book aims at introducing the field of ethics to the students of English-language-engineering-schools in Islamic-countries.

The book is organized in three parts dealing with: (1) general ethics, (2) professional ethics, and (3) computer ethics. The first part of the book reviews general ethics. It provides basic meanings of such terms as “ethics”, “morality”, “normative ethics”, ‘metaethics’, moral judgments, claims, decisions, arguments, reasoning, sources of moral judgment, etc. Several sections in the book deal with deontological theories, virtue ethics, teleological theories, theories of values, and ethical relativism. The book also gives a brief background about religious ethics especially Islamic ethics and there is a section about law and ethics. Part two of the book reviews professional ethics and such aspects as autonomy, licensing, rights, expert testimony, conflict of interest, honesty, loyalty, bribery, publicity, safety and risk, and whistleblowning. In part three, the book examines specific ethical issues related to the computer field. It also concentrates on software reliability, “software engineering ethics” and other topics such as copyrights, patents, trade secrets, reverse engineering, and computer crimes/security. Other sections deal with information from several directions such as ownership, access, confidentiality, lying, privacy and data protection and discusses spying, protection of information, surveillance, etc.




















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