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Rules of Publication

The Committee welcome publishing the authentic specialized, scientific, and cultural publications, in addition to the Arab Islamic traditional publications both in Arabic and foreign languages which meet the following rules:

  • The researcher (author or translator or investigator) has to Submit a request to the Chairperson to publish his work on the expense of Kuwait University.
    The work should be an original one, and has not been translated or investigated or submitted for publication.
  • The Committee in cooperation with the translator Should work to get the consent of the publisher, or the original author, or the rules of the publisher when submitting the request for translation.
  • The author should submit three copies of his work to go on with the procedures of publication.
  • The work submitted has to be in type form or on ( CD ) not less than ( 150 ) pages with an abstract included both in Arabic and English.
  • The work is sent to the specialized department in the University to explain whether it is compulsory or optional textbook, and the benefit of it as an academic source.
  • The work is referred to two specialized referees.
  • The researcher is notified of the final verdict of referees.
  • In case of translation, the original book in its foreign language should be provided.
  • The published books issued under the title Publication of Kuwait University.
  • Papers based on unpublished Master or Doctor theses may be Considered for publication.
  • The author should provide a resume including (full address, qualification, and degrees, current position …etc.
  • The Committee offers the author a grant of ( 50 ) copies of the Published book.
  • The Committee offers the researcher a suitable honorarium.
  • The Committee reserves the rights of the University to publish the book for three years.
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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Journal of Law

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Oct 20, 2019

Journal of Law
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law