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The Authorship & Translation & Publication Committee was formed by a Ministerial order No (203) issued by the Minister of Education in 13,Oct. 1976. Actually, Kuwait University started publishing books pertaining to Kuwait and the Gulf affairs since 1970.

The Committee is formed of two committees (or two sections):

  • Publication Committee.
  • Translation Committee or Arabization Committee.

The Arabization Committee was formed by a decree No. (90) issued by the Rector in 20,Feb., 1988, which came as an application of the recommendation of the Ministers of higher Education in the Gulf States to form a special team to plan for the Arabization of higher education, and to publish the academic textbooks.

The main objective of the Committee is to enrich the Kuwaiti library with the specialized scientific books, and the cultural ones both in Arabic and other forei gn languages that concern scholars and researchers.

The Committee also aims to support and activate the Arabization trends, which is considered one of the national goals that one aspires.

The Objectives of the Committee

  • To expand the Publication in all fields for the staff of Kuwait University
  • To support and encourage the scholars and researchers by publishing their works. And also to inform them with the channels in the different sectors in the University and the pursuing procedures.
  • To enrich and provide the Kuwaiti cultural field with the scientific specialized, cultural, and the Arab Islamic traditional books both in Arabic and foreign languages.

The objectives of the Arabization committee

  • To prepare and to follow temporal detailed schedule to arabize the higher education, and to coordinate the efforts to arabize the textbooks in the GCC universities.
  • To communicate with the institutions concerned about the Arabization trends in Kuwait and in the Arab world.
  • To communicate with the faculties and the departments in the University to study the Possibilities and the difficulties of the higher education, in order to benefit from the experiences available in this field.
  • To represent the Kuwait University in the meeting and conferences, and to cooperate with the GCC universities.
  • To assign some scholars or experts in Arabization to present studies.
Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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Journal of Law
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Journal of Law

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