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Transformational Leadership and Teacher's Continuous Professional Development:

Theories and Applications

Prof. Zeinab Ali Al- Jaber

This book aims to investigate the role of the school principals who apply the transformational leadership style in helping teachers to grow professionally. It consists of nine chapters .The first chapter, views the theories on leadership especially transformational leadership and the technical and administrative skills which should be mastered by the principals for them to help teachers develop their performance. The second chapter defines and shows the importance of the teachers' professional development concept. The third chapter focuses on the fundamental principles on how to plan for a successful teachers' professional development program. The fourth chapter concentrates on how to design strategic plans for the teachers' professional development program.

Chapters five, six, and seven deal with technical issues related to strategic plans for teacher's professional development ,such as :techniques that are used, program's subjects , places and timing of these programs. Chapter eight views some proposed plans for the teacher's professional development programs. The book ends with chapter nine, which shows some of the obstacles which hinder the effectiveness of the teacher's professional development programs.

Blended E-Learning and its Effect on Students' Academic and Critical Thinking

This study aims as at knowing the impact of teaching using the educational activities and discussion on developing the skills of Critical thinking and improving the academic achievement of the students who study C++. This has been done on a sample of the students of the faculty of engineering on Kuwait using the experimental method. We conclude the following results after applying the dimensional test for the Critical thinking. There have been statistic differences between the achievement of the experimental group and the other group for the good of the experimental group. The value of (T) was (0,001). The results have also shown that there is an improvement in the performance of the experimental group in the skills of Critical thinking (conclusion and grand total). The difference in these skills was (0,05) for the good of the experimental group which has been exposed to the learning experiences of the educational activities and the discussion used in the blended learning.

Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing &Their Applications

Dr. Adeeba Essa Al-Hurban

Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences - Faculty of Science, Kuwait University

Earth is known of being dynamic with frequently changing features, as well as, their vicinity, either due to natural or man contribution. In order to encounter the variant challenges we may face in life, we should have a rich background knowledge on the earth's features: their different natures, how beneficiary they can be, and how can man sustainably get use of them without destruction. To get full information on what wealth is exposed on the earth's and even what is inside the earth is not an easy issue. We need proper tools and techniques to collect detailed information on the earth's features particularly those unreachable in the field work. Recently we witnessed the information revolution by which tremendous amounts of information are being available on the earth's outer and inner features. Therefore, it became a must to have programs, systems and techniques to organize, screen and enhance these information for the optimum benefit.

Accordingly, we decided to proceed this book to the public introducing the most recent information techniques and systems which provide them with needed information on even the unreachable sites without direct contact (Remote Sensing Technology) and later on organize, screen, enhance, process, reproduce, return and qualitatively and quantitatively display them (Geographic information Systems (GIS)) to be used in the different researches studies and applications. This book feeds the researchers with detailed knowledge on the geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques: their nature, history, development, functioning, how they can be utilized as an efficient tool in multi-discipline applications (socioeconomic, scientific, military ... etc.), and how they were applied internationally, in the Arabian world in general and in the Arabian Gulf countries in particular.

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