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Ethics and Journalism Responsibility in Lebanese Legislations (in Arabic)

Auther : Oussama Zafer Kabbara

The study discusses the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press questions as concepts and practices in modern societies.

International, Arab, and Lebanese charters have been referred to in the study as well as announcements of Arab Journalists Union conferences.

The subject focuses primarily on the extent of the freedom of the press and its impacts in various factors such as:

- Divergences of information theories.

- Transformation of journalism to an industrial product.

- Personal interest of owners and investors.

- Expansion of illiteracy throughout the under developed countries.

- Political propaganda.

- Effects of advertising in editorial policies.

- Monopoly and domination of financial and economic powers, etc.

The Lebanese case has been chosen as an example. Conditions and causes of imposing censorship have been stated, in addition to different attitudes towards this censorship, in particular towards the legislative decree No. 104, issued in 1977.

A major factor to look at is funding of newspapers, which generates of journalist’s enterprises. All different points of view have been mentioned, especially those of officials and the journalism syndicate board.

Is the press considered as the fourth estate in our countries, and have journalism boards, throughout the world, found success in their duty to guide and set right practiced values of journalism? These questions deserve to be answered.

Finally, the author of the study concludes that ethical and journalistic responsibilities are areas that still have not gotten satisfactory regulations. Since the 19th century jurisprudence, philosophers, and intellectuals have not been able to reach agreement. 

Journal of Law
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