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Pronoun Referencing to the Non-Closest Referred Entity and Its Textual Functions in the Qur’an (in Arabic).

Auther : Ahmad Hamouda

This study aims to tackle an important linguistic phenomenon in the Qur’anic text, i.e. pronoun referencing to the non-closest referred entity, which violates a well-known linguistic concept.
The research question asks what the semantic benefits of this phenomenon are and the functions it performs in the Qur'anic text. The study took an approach that combined inductive reasoning, description, and analysis in order to address the research problem and find objective answers to its questions.
Based on studying the many examples of this phenomenon, the results of the paper reveal five varied textual functions and values of this linguistic phenomenon ranging from synthetic, semantic, and pragmatic functions. Some of these functions would combine together, emphasizing on the semantics of the text and its rhetorical quality. These functions are as follows:
First: Broadening the range of reference.
Second: Focalizing the topic of discourse\ central intended theme.
Third: Alerting the addressee to profoundly comprehend the Qur’an and to search for overbalances (overbalance evidences) in the text.
Fourth: Stimulating the addressees to trigger their cognitive base and to ruminate in the cultural and pragmatic evidences.
Fifth: Enriching the semantic senses.
The study recommends the further re-examination of the general linguistic assets that are based on the extrapolation of the language, by analyzing them in major linguistic texts (the main one being the Quranic text) to confirm the persistence or shortcomings of those assets.

Key words: Qur’an, pronoun, text, reference, semantic.

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