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The Ethics of Content Administration in Facebook & Twitter: An Analytical Study of the Policies and Conditions (in Arabic).

Auther : Rahima Aissani

The paper aims to identify the professional ethics of managing accounts in Facebook and Twitter. It studies and analyzes the policies and conditions of account management in the two networks. Furthermore, it examines the networks’ components and ethical rules that users are required to adhere to and approve of before creating and activating an account.
To study these ethics and conditions, the study raised two main questions:
1. What ethics does Facebook and Twitter adhere to in their account management policies?
2. Are these ethics made clear to the user in terms of their formulations and clauses?
The study uses the content analysis method on the main elements in the terms and policies pages, by means of a number of terms and analytical units adopted in the methodology. The study reached a set of results, the most important of which is that the terms and policies of Facebook and Twitter mention privacy policy and conditions of service:
- To provide the user with sufficient information on how to create and manage content,
- And they are clear and explicit in some terms, conditions and obligations.
However, they:
• are, in unethical ways, depriving the user of the "right to know".
• Do not protect or respect user privacy.
• Violate and infringe intellectual property rights.
• Violate the user's right to control the contents of his own account and infringes this right by sharing it with business partners without his knowledge.
• Violate the right to leave, terminate and delete the account and data, and declares that it cancels activation only.
Keywords:        New Media Ethics, Internet Ethics, Social Media Policies, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter.

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