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The Effects of the Old Asian Pictorial School on the Islamic Pictorial School during the Mughal Indian Era (in Arabic)

Auther : Amal Arbid

Mughal miniatures were made unique due to the special technical methods used to make them, even though they also blended with the traditions of Indian art and mythology, and the graphic arts pertaining to many schools such as the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Islamic Seljuk, and Persian Safavids. However, they were able to transform this art into historical and artistic documents replete with the most important political, commercial, literary, and scientific events that have occurred during the period of Mughal rule. Moreover, these miniatures were able to combine those different artistic aesthetics of faith-based characters, and place them on a silky flat surface soaked with bright colors derived from precious stones and natural glues. With the assistance of scientific mechanisms and rules for drawing and coloring, the artist creates new types of artistic innovations in the field of pictorial art. All of the above paved the way for Mughal art to become one of the Islamic arts that lasted to our present day as a civilizational heritage and that had remarkable effects on all other civilized arts, which led the researcher of this paper to highlight the most significant artistic aspects that Mughal pictorial art & schools were influenced by.
The Emergence of Mughal Art in India:
1 - Preface on the art of miniatures and its development as a historical document and an artistic masterpiece.
2 - Clarifying the effects of Islamic art on Mughal art.
The Main Body of the Research:
1 - Defining the most important characteristics of the Asian art schools that influenced Mughal Indian pictorial art: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Islamic Seljuk, and Persian Safavids.
2 - Rooting and analyzing the creative quotes in the art of Mughal & Indian miniatures and comparing that with the roots the quote is from.
The Aim of the Research:
1 - Clarifying the extent of the role played by the Mughal Indian pictorial schools in the development of the Islamic art of miniatures in terms of the form and content known as "the literature storyboard".
2 - Shedding light on the evolution of Mughal Indian pictorial art techniques.
The School of the Mughal -Indian art added to the history of Islamic art an abundance of arts from the ancient civilizations such as the Asian, Islamic Seljuk, and Persian Safavids arts in an artistic template that shows its distinctiveness.

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