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Consistency between Structure and Meaning in Arabic Morphology (in Arabic)

Auther : Yousef Alenizi

This essay, deals with consistency between structure and meaning in Arabic morphology. Grammarians have many comments regarding consistency although they don't limit them with an exclusive concept as they do for grammatical and morphological formulations. We combined all separated parts of this phenomenon for those who are interested in Arabic grammar and morphology and reached the following results:
1 - Consistency is an integrated concept upon which all grammatical
studies are based.
2 - Syntax is based upon consistency, harmony and balance between
letters and movements, if we keep them without deletion or upon removing any verbal complication in the word if deleted. I note through this research that morphological formulations are based upon easy pronunciation.
3 - Our ancient scholars never ignored the semantic features of
structure and morphology but kept considering them, realized their importance and concentrated on consistency in their linguistic processing.
4 - Deletion in morphological formulations aims to ease pronunciation
without prejudice to word form and meaning.
5 - Easy and difficult pronunciation is important in consistency for
changing morphological formulations. Difficult pronunciation needs to be easy to preserve speech flow and easy pronunciation needs to be a bit difficult to avoid excess easiness.

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