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Terminology of Islamic Art (in Arabic)

Auther : Idham Muhammed Hanash

Language of Islamic Art is the language of knowledge consisting of words, terms and concepts that form the central meaning of topics of Islamic Art, and which are regarded as main keywords for ientific research in this field. However, Orientalism and Oriental Studies have tainted the purity of  this language. The content and shape of a lot  words were
Westernized and were officially termed Islamic art.
Modern and contemporary Arabic linguistic research tried to face this 
problem; and it suggested some solutions such as the Arabization of most of those words and terms and concepts.
The most important results of this research are as  follows:
1- Developing what can be called: Islamic Art.
2- Establishing appropriate Terminology for Islamic art.
These findings may offer the following proposals:
1- Deepening and expanding scientific research in the Terminology of 
Islamic art.
2- Making specialized dictionaries for these terms.
3- Academic resettlement of this science in higher education.

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